Hi all,

I have been un-employed for a few months now, which is actually one of the reasons I found 48days.net, and in my course of job hunting I came across this opportunity, but I'm a little nervous about it.

Here's the deal.  I live in CT and some crazy developer from NY has this Family Fun Center which he's built and operated for about a year and run it into the ground, because he admittedly has no operation skills.

His proposal to me, because he needs a new name on the business he's messed it up that bad, is that I become his partner, and run the business.

Now the thing of it is all of this is contingent on my getting 10,000 families to become "members" for one year.  So the promo is $100 and your family gets to use the facility and the laser tag, mini golf, arcade, and roller skating rink to your hearts content and $100 off any birthday party you choose to have there.  The only other way this place is making money is through it's vending machines, because it has no snack bar so the subscription is the only real source of income.

This all seems semi reasonable, and I think it would be fun...,but I'm not sure about partnering with this guy.  He says he'll let me run everything myself, but wouldn't give me the courtesy of taking a look at previous financials.  

I guess my big hang up is I'm a slower decision maker, and he's a recklessly fast one. He seems to want me to commit and then run around get the subscriptions and then go, but I am a make a plan work the plan kind of guy, and I would need time to fix the place up because it's pretty gross.

Anyway I guess I just wanted to know what other people would do given the scenario. 

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Without knowing who you are, meaning your personality traits, skills and abilities, and values, dreams, and passions, it's hard to determine if this is a good move.  First, do you love doing the "recruitment" section of the job?  Do you love being part of the family entertainment industry?  Do you have experience in the family entertainment industry?

Second, what is your relationship to this guy in New York?  I usually don't advise people to go into partnerships, unless there is a contractual agreement conducted by lawyers representing each partner that addresses everything!

It looks like you've visited the place and said it's pretty gross.  So, if you're disgusted by the place, how can you expect families to attend.  Salesmen need to believe in their service or products in order to effectively serve the market.  If anything, partnering with him will probably a dangerous move if he allowed this please to be as run down as it is.

Personally, I wouldn't go for it unless I either am able to buy him out, am confident in running the place on my own, and systematically capable of getting the memberships quota required to maintain the business.

My personal opinion just from what you wrote seems you have some subliminal messages to yourself in the writeup.  These were red flags to me from your writeup regarding who you think you are partnering with.

1.  You think he is crazy. Do you want to be in a partnership with someone you think is crazy?

2.  Your gut feeling you got to listen to those things......you said you are nervous about the deal.  If you have prayed about it, you need to listen for the answer.  How have things worked out in the past when you have had these type feelings about a major decision?

3.  To become a partner do you have to put money into it?  If it is sweat equity, that might be different, but cold hard cash.  How much nest egg do you have to pay your own bills.  I would want to have a year of nest egg because it might take that long to get this thing turned around and putting money in my pocket.

4.10,000 families?  how many families are in your community?  Have you done the research on something similar in a community of the same size and has it worked.  Do some demographic/market research do the numbers work.

5.  Do you have a business plan in writing?  Do the numbers work for maintenance, equipment, renovations, in a year compared to the money that would come in a year...ie does the income split between the partners) after expense give you something you can live on.  A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

6.  BIG RED flag...will not let you see financials.  You need to know especially if you are putting money into it what you are up against.

7.  I would have a contract drawn up and reviewed by an Attorney for the partnership agreement.

8.  If you are married, better make sure you have support in an endeavor like this.

Best of luck with your decision.


No financials= NO WAY!  as far as a  partnership goes.  Why not convince him to hire you on an hourly basis with a bonuses for performance.  Test the waters to see if you are really truly wanting to do this.....

Hey, thanks for all of your responses, they were all really helpful for me. 

I decided to pass on this "opportunity" especially having prayed about it in advance to his proposal and his unwillingness to show me the financials (the one thing I felt like God emphasizing for me to ask and see!).  

So thank you all again for shoring me up in my decision not to do business with this guy. :)

Good luck in the career search.  I wish you the best.  I read your profile and maybe this is a time to pray about really going into ministry.  Have your read the book, "48 Days to the work you love" by Day Miller?  The book will definitely help you in what area of pastoring you want to focus on.


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