I've launched my new website and would like to invite everyone to make a visit.  www.girlygoats.com   I produce goat's milk soap, goat's milk lotion, and a bunch of herbal bath products.  In addition, I teach classes in soap-making, am soon-to-be an authorized distributor for Crafter's Choice Soap making supplies, and manage/teach other classes through our farm's website (www.hiddenspringsfarms.com)  I decided earlier this year that I needed a separate site for the soapmaking since it has become a larger venue of the farm.  I still need to add some photos of the products and there are some other "tweeks" that need to be completed, but am excited about finally getting it live.

If you have the opportunity, please review.  let me know if you see any issues or typo's.  I've gotten so close to it, I am sure I've overlooked some.  I'll not be offended if you point them out.  Also, as far as product photos go, if anyone can tell me an easy to use program for my Apple that would allow me to edit photos that would be great.  I can take the photos, but they still look "homemade" version professional.

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ha, typos on my posting....I meant "homemade vs. professional

How cool - I love your new website and the whole idea of supplying other soapmakers. It's been a delight to watch all of your farming activities since you left corporate America a few years ago.

I didn't go through every page on your site - but on the home page near the bottom of the first column you have:

the only expection? I'm sure you mean exception.

You are promoting a very visual, artsy, sensual, emotional product. As such you can use pictures liberally. On the products page it would help to have great shots of the soaps - in great settings. A verbal description just doesn't do justice to a product like this. People aren't making a logical decision - they're making an emotional one. Play to that -

Thank you Dan.  I will get that typo corrected.  And, I agree on the photos.  That is my plan for next week.  I want to be able to have eye-catching photos.  For example, photographing my Honey Oatmeal soap on top of one of my beehives (hopefully the bees will be ok with that) and using our young pine trees as the backdrop for the Santa's Tree Farm Fragrance.

I still remember our talks when I first met you.  All of the wonderful direction and information you guided me through as helped launch my entire operation.  Thank you!


LOVE the website!!!  Very navigator-friendly and intuitive to use.  I also like your descriptions of the soaps and having the blog and class descriptions there just ties it all in together very nicely.

I wish I was closer to you in TN otherwise I'd be all over your classes.  I make my own soaps out of glycerin and whatever's laying around in the pantry.  I would love to know more about making them from milk!!!

Hi Karen - congratulations on your new site! It's always fun to finally turn a new one on! I haven't had a chance to review it yet, but I wanted to quickly recommend Photoshop (free trial download), Fireworks (free trial, and my PERSONAL favorite), Gimp (free) for image editing.

Thanks Rob.  Do any of the photo editing programs you mentioned work on an Apple computer?

Karen, what a beautiful site! The soaps look amazing! And your photos are very good. I didn't go through everything, but I found one, change the your to you're:

If your sensitive to fragrance but want to use a great bar of soap, then our fragrance-free soap is prefect for you.  All of the great ingredients that we use including coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil, minus the fragrance.


As for a tool for editing photos that works on Apple (Macs) and is free, I'd consider this one:


It's a web app, but has a lot of functionality.

Great website!  Pictures will make all the difference.

Congratulations to your new website, Karen! Loved the look and "feel" to it. The Photos and product descriptions were GREAT. Also, the interface is very user-friendly. You may also want to add social media buttons (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc) to your site too as part of your marketing scheme. So nice to see your showcasing local products and talents. Keep it up!

Live Beyond Awesome. 


Twitter @TheIronJen


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