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Hey everyone,

I've had my new website up for about a week now and I'd like your feedback. If you're a guitarist, let me know if it's a site that you'd follow. And if you know any guitarists that you think might like it, please pass it on!




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LOVE your video on the front page Nic - you're quite talented! I'm a musician going way back (drummer mainly, and a dabbler in guitar for a few years), and I'd be interested in following, but I'm not entirely sure what I'd be seeing in terms of information/content.

My first thought for your site, is what is the purpose of the site? Are you planning on teaching through the site, or just blogging? Either is fine, I just don't get your objective from looking at it. http://justinguitar.com is a great site to glean inspiration from, but I think he has too much information there, and it's hard for me to find a good place to start there.

I'm not interested in what gear to buy (already done that), or how to sit in a chair, or any of the other really super basic stuff. I'd love to see lessons on getting off the ground with reading (maybe similar to a Mel Bay approach?), finger picking, and for me specifically, flamenco and classical styles. 

I love that you've posted a schedule of what you're going to be posting and when. Stick to that! Once I have a better idea about what you want to do with the site I might be able to help more.

Great playing! The design has promise, but the header needs work (too plain IMO). Are you on wordpress.com or wordpress.org? Sometimes that makes all the difference. Know that doing the transfer over is kind of painful (I did it a couple weeks ago) on one of my blogs.

I agree with Rob- what is the point of your site? Are you just using it to promote yourself? (That's fine if you are, but you gotta make it clear.) 

Justinguitar.com is probably the number 1 guitar lesson website on the web, despite the information overload factor. He really is more known from youtube IMO and his site just hosts many youtube videos really.

As far as guitar blogs in general go, I like my friend Josh's blog and its one of the more popular general guitar blogs. http://www.guitarlifestyle.com/

Its simple and clean..nothing complex going on there. His header isn't super fancy or complex, but it works for his site. 

You are on track! Keep grinding and hustling. You will get it just how you want it/like it! 

Thanks for the feedback Rob and Jim. I wasn't exactly sure which way to go with the site so maybe with a little background info you can help. Originally I bought niclubbersmusic.com and was going to use that to promote my music/playing since using your name seems to be the standard for musicians, but I know my name can be hard to spell and remember and when I saw acousticfingerstylemusic.com was available I had to snatch it up. Seemed like it'd be more SEO friendly as well. I don't really want to teach through the site, just share things that I've learned and things that have helped me. I can't read music as of now or play flamenco or classical (sorry Rob), I'm pretty much self taught. I want to keep it well organized without an overload of information because I know there are other sites out there about fingerstyle that are just a boatload of info. I also want to share other people's music through my video of the week section. I'm not sure if I should use this site to promote myself or just blog on it and use it to drive people to another site that promotes me. What do you guys think?

I'm on a self hosted wordpress install. I'm a web programmer so that's why my header is pretty plain - I may have my sister make a better header for me.

Wow - self-taught or not, you are a very impressive player!  I'm tracking with you a little more about what you're doing now. I'd love to see stuff about how you learn, what you're playing and what you find interesting and informative about guitar and music in general. Have you seen what Karmin does on Youtube? Much better than the multitude of other covers that are out there - how could you do something innovative like what they did? You're a talented guy - I look forward to seeing what you do.

Rob, thanks for the ideas. I'll definitely come up with some posts on them in the future. I hadn't seen Karmin before, definitely different.

My son's going to love this!

Lee, let me know what he thinks.

Hi Nic,

I'd have to throw in my $.02 with Rob and Jim.  Somewhere in either the header or at the top of your content, you want to make sure people know what the purpose of your site is.  I personally like the photo in your header, but you'll want to experiment with different logos or fonts for the title, plus maybe add a tagline.

I like the schedule of lessons that you've put up, gives players something to look forward to!

Good luck!



Any ideas on a tagline? I'll probably be having my sister redo the header at some point and add a tagline.

I wanted a schedule from the start to keep people coming back.

By the way, FANTASTIC job on the home page video!  That is truly beautiful.

In my mind, the tagline is created with the purpose of the site in mind.  Are you looking to promote yourself? Are you just looking to promote Acoustic Fingerstyle?  Are you looking to eventually monetize the site or is this just for fun?

Try to complete this sentence without starting a new one: "The reason I'm taking the time and putting forth the effort to create this site is because I hope to _________________."

On a purely design note, you may want to set up the "All Posts" category as the parent category for "Gear" and "Guitar at Work".

I look forward to watching new videos as they come on board!


Sounds great!

Get a couple more videos and articles up...Then you can get more feedback... then it should be easier to organize and brand your site based on that feedback.

I am a guitarist and I will follow your site.

Get a twitter account.


I'm sure I'll have twitter at some point but I'm trying to keep it simple and manageable and that's something I don't have time for right now. Thanks for following me :), let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on the site.


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