Hello 48Days,


I am seeling my card collection on EBAY (raisemoneyforbaby) is my USER Id.  I am trying to find additional ways to generate income while I continue my job search. 


It is important to note that I do NOT have any Unemployment coming in due to the fact that Wisconsin dropped below the percentage necessary for the Federal Extension to take place. 


I am using the job search method that Dan mentions in 48 Days to the Work You Love and have found it to be very effective, only problem is that some employers thought that for me to follow up with a phone call was being "impatient".


Anywho...I am trying to think of other ways to generate income.  I took a peak on EBAY and started to see what other people were selling...and noticed that their were some selling Authentic Jerseys for about $50.00; are these the jerseys made in China?  If so those are illegal to sell in the USA? 


Here is one of the supplier's websites www.jerseychannelone.com


I know Reebok is tough.  I tried selling a jersey purchased from an NFL store and that got removed on EBAY because Reebok still claims that even after you have purchased the jersey that it is still theirs (meaning you could not resell it on EBAY).


At one point my wife and I were going to make homemade dog treats to sell on EBAY but, after trying and failing with the price (3.50 for 1 pound) we stopped with that idea.


We thought at one point about taking and selling our own photographs of nature online too but, that never progressed  (fear of failure) I guess.


Aside from EBAY I wanted to start a coaching business but, I just don't feel like now is the right time to start that.  With only $400 in the bank....I dont know.


Any ideas?  We have a baby on the way in March of 2011.  As I stated before I am actively seeking work but, seeing as how I will not work at a job that I would would not love (McDonalds, Wal Mart, etc)  I am trying to figure out how to generate income myself. 


I enjoy Accounting and Financial Coaching.


Looking forward to your responses.

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There is no reason that you couldn't take a job that you don't love as a stop gap measure while continuing to look for work that you do love. Right now it sounds like what is important is making some money in any amount, and you can still search for work that fulfills you. Don't waste your last bit of cash chasing things that you think might make some money, go make some, at least for now. The baby is coming, and in my opinion you need to chase real dollars, not dreams.

When you think about it, are all of these ideas that you've chased really your dreams, or are you just chasing self-employment in general? Don't fool yourself and end up with a baby and no money.
I agree with Michael, there's an old navy saying, "Any port in a storm." $400 is a good start on an emergency fund in case the car breaks down.
Aside from that, if you haven't already, download the "48 Low Cost Business Ideas" ebook on the home page of 48days.net (left side, post it note). There are 48 business ideas you can start for under $500, and a link to 1000 more business ideas.
Keep trying and it will work out. A friend once told me when I was going through a crisis that, "five years from now, none of this you are going through will be a concern." He was right.
If you have no money, I don't think you should spend time worrying about finding the "right" job and instead focus on what is going to put food on the table and a roof over your head. My husband and I had two years where we were taking whatever we could get for work. At the time we had two children that were under the age of two. He worked temp jobs that he never dreamed he'd ever work with a college degree (one of them was making velcro tabs for diapers). The jobs were often second shift and night shift. During the day, after a few hours of sleep, he would work at building his computer business. At one point he traveled all over the state of Wisconsin working at various offices. We hardly saw him and when he was home, he repaired computers. At times he'd give me instructions over the phone on how to fix computers so that we could keep our customers happy. While we were going through this I hated it. But it was what had to be done to take care of our family.

If you are serious about building your own business, you should focus on what needs to be done to get it started in small steps. At the same time get a steady paying job doing anything that gives you a bit of cash flow (i.e. pizza delivery, waiting tables) . That way you and your wife can breathe. Having no money is stressful. Having no money and a baby is even worse. There is nothing wrong with working a job you hate if it is what is necessary to take care of your family. As long as you make sure that you aren't going to stay there forever. Utilize temp agencies if needed. By the way, I waited tables for awhile and often I'd average $20/hour or more in tips (especially weekends). The best part about waiting tables is that the tips are instant cash.

You may want to take a look at Dan Millers 48 business ideas PDF (http://www.48days.com/wp-content/uploads/free_documents/48businessi...) if you simply want to be self-employed.

Good luck.
It's definitely NOT the time to start coaching, Matt. I know you've wanted to do it for a while, but as we've talked, you won't see steady money in it for quite a while. It's not a service where that happens.

When it comes down to it Matt, I'd choose a temporary job you hate over not bringing in any money in. Seems like there's a verse in the bible about taking care of your family. :)

I know you want to do something you love and I'm all for that, but taking care of your family is awfully important.

Other ideas...

Landscaping, contracting, home repair, painting, dog walking, etc. I was in Portland this week, sitting around with Dan, and his family, and all sorts of ideas came to us and we weren't even trying. They're all over the place, you just need to look.

Do whatever it takes right now to find some income. Especially with that baby on the way, your wife is wanting to know that everything is going to be OK.
I too will echo some of the same sentiment. If you will not work at McD's, etc. in the interim, then perhaps you will not eat. The process of conforming to the process can transform you and make your steel worthy of the job you desire. I took a fast food job to pay the bills when I was in that place, and met the people who later hired me and connected me to my calling. I didn't even know what my true calling was when any of that happened...only that taking an opportunity to get out of the restaurant was a set UP.
For now, forget what you want and do what you must...when the bills are current you will be in a better state of mind to interview for a career or a biz dev op.
Let's see, making $6.00 an hour at McDonalds or $0.00 sitting at home watching your last money slip away while having a baby on the way. Oh yeah, I'd take the $6.00/hour over nothing any day. Sometimes, you have to do things you don't like. But, that also doesn't mean you can't work on side things at the same time. McD's doesn't take your every waking hour. Nope, you've still got plenty of time to find your dream job on the side while providing for your family. I'm a single mother, I work a full-time job because for 6 of the 8 years I've been divorced I've been without child support. I'm an artist in every spare minute I have. I also just recently started teaching painting classes. I sell my art online and at a few shows every year. Yes, I do sell on eBay. I'd never think of doing it for a living though -- it's a way to market my art and nothing more. I think it's really hard to make good money on eBay unless you're working as a drop-ship distributor. The point of all this is for you to take the actions you need to in order to support your family and develop what you want to do after you've started generating success for yourself.

As for being "impatient," who cares? Do you want the job you applied for or not? The job I have now, I called daily to the person doing the hiring. It showed I wanted the job more than everyone else, even though I felt I was being perceived as impatient. I've been there for nearly 12 years now.

You say you like accounting and financial coaching, but why are you selling dog treats and thinking of selling jerseys and photographs online? If you can do bookkeeping, hang your shingle up as a bookkeeper! Do you know QuickBooks or Peachtree? You can be an advisor for these programs. Get out there! Quit focusing on your lack and start focusing on what you can do! Go, go go!!!!

If you think things are going to get easier once your baby arrives, guess again. It gets harder to do what you want to do if it's not already in place when you're getting only a few hours of sleep a night. If it sounds harsh, remember, I've been flying solo for 8 years and my ex has moved from the area, leaving me to attend all the concerts, plays, school events, planning daycare, etc. all by myself. I have no choice but to be both parents. I have no family nearby. It's me, myself, and I. I don't love my job, but I know it's a necessity in my life. It allows me to do what I love in my spare time, as well as spend time with my kids and be there for their events.

Don't let another day go by. Get started!

Hang in there. I know this is tough. I've been there. On eBay, I've sold toys at Christmas time. It's not easy, but can generate good money for a few months, if you can find the hot toys for the season. For example, the Disney Cars toys sold really well in the UK the first Christmas after the movie. So, I just bought them at retail in the US ($4-5), put them on eBay, and sold them for the equivalent of $15-25 USD. I got a few bigger-ticket items that were hard to find and made a few hundred dollars profit on each.

Also, I started delivering pizzas when I was unemployed. I still do it part-time now, but I average $15/hour. It's easier and better money than McD's and I'm educating myself with podcasts and audiobooks while I drive around.

Perhaps the best advice I can offer is this: Remember this is just a phase you're working through. If you work hard, you'll come out the other side and create a better phase for yourself and your family. As they say, if you're going through hell, whatever you do, don't stop.
There are a couple of people you should check out that have been in the same situation as you. It is TOUGH out there. I know. I've been there and still struggle, but anyone who is sitting still, is losing.

Check out Pat Flynn at SmartPassiveIncome.com. In 2009 he lost his job at an architectural. He says it was devastating. However, he is now earning somewhere between $10K - $15K per month on passive income. But the guy works his butt off to get it and keep it. The great thing is that he shares all of his techniques, posts his earnings and is completely honest about everything. He is a good guy and he doesn't try to sell you anything. He really is all about educating people on how to make money.

But look....regardless of what anyone says here about dreams and such, it really comes down to how hard are you willing to work for it. I am up at 4:30 am and work until 6 pm. That's what has kept me in the game and I get to work from home. Selling stuff on EBay is great, if you are willing to put in some hard time to promote your Ebay store. Most people aren't willing to do what it takes though, which is why so many "businesses" fail.

How does Dave Ramsey say it. "Idea people are a dime a dozen. It's the guy that can get it to market that is worth his weight in gold."

Good luck.
Matthew, I agree that it might be time to take an unsatisfying job for a while, but you might be having trouble getting even that. I have worked for temporary agencies and have often enjoyed the experience. It has lead to permanent positions. I write to you now to offer 2 suggestions. First, if you are good at photography, have you considered setting up a booth at fall festivals to take some cute pictures of kids or families? There was a time when people would take picture of kids dressed in old fashioned hats with old fashioned background schemes. They were color enhanced using something like photo shop. If you already have a camera and a computer, that could be a low cost side business. My other comment is that I find The Success Principles by Jack Canfield an audio book that always gets me excited about what the future may hold. Best of luck to you.


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