I wrote a book last year and updated it this year in a second edition: Money Management for Cross-Cultural Workers. Several folks here in 48Days.net looked at preview copies and posted reviews on Amazon.

This book will help any US citizen traveling or working abroad. You'll stay on top of your income and expenses while handling multiple currencies, and will be well-prepared for tax time. The book is focused on those who are self-employed and living overseas, but if you work for a company, you can benefit as well.

This month is the first time I've released it for the Kindle. (The first edition was in paperback and a PDF.) I'm proud to announce that the book has hit #1 in the free list for Nonprofit Organizations and Charities category. It's currently at #4 free in the Personal Money Management.

You can still get one for yourself free today. Click here to view & order it on Amazon. (Paperback format is here.)

Thanks once again for all who helped with the launch. It's been good! Launch week continues thru November 20, and ALL who get the book can get $157 of bonus items from me as well..find out how here.

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BOO - YA!! 

Well done Ryan.

Got any tips and tricks to share?


A combination of Write to the Bank, all the tips & sharing in the DIY e-Publishing group, early reviewers posting reviews & spreading the word, and watching other book launches this year. Plus picking the right two categories that best fit the book.

Outstanding Ryan for taking massive action and reaching this success!

Thanks David.

That is awesome Ryan, way to go sir! I made sure I got my copy! and to Tweet it out too!

Wow, thank you Peter

Wow...very cool!  I'm inspired by how much this community helped you reach such an accomplishment.  Truly, thanks for sharing.

I have to second your comment Eric. This community is amazing.

Everyone on 48days.net knows that you can't do it alone. 

So, we ask for help and we help and support each other as much as we can.

-Derek C. Olsen

I need to do more of that here...asking for help.  I've been watching from a distance for 2 years...and probably not reaping nearly as much value.  Appreciate the reminder.

We help each other where we can when we release major products, services, and concerns. Feel free to jump in and share when you want feedback or have exciting news to share. Generosity keeps flowing around here, and I'll continue to help others as Jesus gives the opportunity.

Before the book went back to paid on Kindle it hit #2 in personal money management and remained #1 in the non-profit category. Thanks everyone once again!

Bonus items still available until November 20 here.



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