Does anyone have a good tax/financial tracking template for excel for those of us who are self-employed?  I need to track, as we all do, meal deductions, mileage, biz income, etc.

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I created one myself. It is very simply but works for what my needs are.  If you share your email address I can email it to you so you can see what it looks like.

Thank you, Tamara.  My email is d.zachery@insightbb.com.  I look forward to seeing it. 

I created one too & will forward also. I used the line item deductions on the Schedule C tax form as my guide

take the best of both worlds


Hi David,

www.freelancersUnion.org is a wonderful site that has a lot of helpful hints for freelancers & consultants.  Equally fabulous is the business consulting buzz group at LinkedIn.  If you're not into joining that group, google "business consulting buzz"--their site is full of useful content & they offer a free calculator that easily helps you figure your hourly rate for contracts. 

Can't say enough good things about freelancers union.  They also offer a decent deal on insurance, but you'll have to prove you're actually working for yourself.  Another good insurance option (as I've learned here on 48days.net) may be offered through your local chamber of commerce... 

These three sites (48days.net, freelancersunion.org, businessconsultingbuzz) have been extremely useful in all the paperwork I've been dealing with in establishing my biz. Happy to help further, if I can. 

Wishing you much success!


Thank you, Landa.  These seem very helpful in figuring out my taxes.  Lot of info here. 

David did you get my email?


I'm helping my wife set-up a day care center and could benefit from the examples you sent David.  If you will, please send a copy to me at seth@managetogrow.com or Joanie@notjustbabysitting.org.

Thank you!
Seth Haigh



Check it out!

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