Hi Everyone!  I've been inactive in the 48 Days community for awhile as I've been focusing all my efforts on creating a new blog/website.  Initially when I started my entrepreneurial venture, I wanted to create a photography website with photos for sale.  I didn't educated myself well and went on a "if you build it, they will come" mentality, and unfortunately didn't see any return on my investment in order to keep my motivation going to continue to improve the site. 

Since that time I've been educating myself on marketing, opt-ins, e-mail lists, product launches, tribe building, keyword research, etc.  I'm sure I still have a lot to learn, and as I was going through the process found myself easily pulled into wanting to keep learning without taking action.  I do know that nothing will ever happen without taking action, so I've spent the last two months teaching myself Wordpress, plug-ins and the basics of setting up my own website (which I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of what I've done so far!)

Now that I have a start to my web presence, I feel like it would be a great time to get feedback on what I've done so far.  If I'm really missing the boat on an important element, I would like to know sooner rather than later before I keep charging down the wrong road.  I'm open to any feedback you are willing to leave - positive and negative!  I really appreciate the collective wisdom found on this site and will gladly take your comments to heart.


Thanks so much!


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I love the web site and blog. It is warm and inviting, and the content is great. I was disappointed that the products and resources pages were "under construction" since I was ready to buy something from the woman willing to go 13 days without washing her hair! Keep up the good work.


Thank you Lee!  That's great to hear.  I decided to launch my page before having everything completed because I know I'm more apt to work on it with more gusto if I know it's out there and people may be seeing an incomplete resource.  It's my way of keeping my nose to the grindstone to get it done.  If I waited till it was all done, I'd probably never launch it! 

I was also keeping in mind advice I heard once to build your tribe and find out what products they want, instead of developing a product and trying to create demand.  So I'm hoping as more feedback comes in I'll learn what type of product would be the best use of my time to develop.

And my hair is now at 22 days with no washing!  :)

Hi Lesley,

I think the site is organized very nicely. It is very neat and clean, which is what you want to communicate I assume, but it feels to me just a bit too clean and a bit too neat, on the verge of sterile. Maybe another picture strategically located?? Something that would appeal to the messy side of the customers who haven't learned how to be organized just yet.




Thank you for your feedback.  I wanted to be clean, but not too sterile, so I appreciate your input.  I've been away from my site for a week or so given other life commitments, but will have some time to spend on it this weekend and will see if I can brainstorm a way to warm it up a bit.  :)

I love the subscription widget!  I didn't want to subscribe through the Facebook email, but that is a really fantastic feature to allow you to one-click subscribe.

Lee - it took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about for the subscription Facebook widget, but I finally did!  (That's how green I am at wordpress.  :)  Turns out it's a box I checked in my Aweber opt-in set up page.  I think for now I'll leave it as an auto populate for Facebook and see how it does.  I always have the option to remove it later if it seems to not convert well. 

I also went in an changed my opt-in form to hopefully be more visible.  It now has a large green arrow pointing to it.  Not as "clean", but more likely to get noticed!


I think the site is beautiful!

I see that you have an active blog., so keep that up! You can also add content on 'off days' by doing commentaries of other peoples articles or related news, product reviews (w/ amazon commission), etc.

I would also get the email opt-in on the home page at the 'top of the fold'.  I like the photo, but it might be a bit too big.  It might also help to portray yourself, since you are largely the brand. Make it personal  

Another thought is more philosophical.  Most people who are not organized really want to be, but don't seem to have motivation to do it.  I would know! I think you have to have some killer titles for your articles on the home page that pulls me in.  '5 reasons you can't ever find matching socks' (lol), or something like that would be funny but also catching. (I am sure you can come up with a better title than that, though).  

I think you have a cool idea, and hope you are able to get some traction with it.  If it is your passion, then you will keep creating the content and bring people in.  You may even consider doing some podcast and/or youtube channel with the ideas from your articles.  Remember to have fun with it, and that your goal is to help others... Of course you want to make some cash along the way, but if it is no fun then you created a j o b for yourself ;)




Thank you so much for your feedback!  I love the ideas for adding content to my blog on off days.  I've recently learned that I live in a state which Amazon does not allow an affiliate commission relationship, so I'm considering adding a Target.com affiliate which may allow me to discuss similar items. 

I spend about three hours trying to figure out how to get my opt-in "top of the fold" on the home page, because I know that's important, but I haven't been able to figure it out successfully yet.  I have a feeling that my two solutions are to either change the homepage around completely to match the template of the other pages, or to sign up for a plug-in such as OptIn Skin which I believe would allow me to put the opt-in anywhere.  I really like the look and feel of my homepage, so changing it around completed doesn't excite me, but it may be something I have to consider.  I also think I need to get some updated photos of myself in order to add a more personal touch.  All the updated photos I have are of my recent wedding and I don't think every photo of me should be in a wedding dress.  :)

Thanks again!

The site looks great. I think at this point, it would be great for you to go to events, meet with people who would need what you have. Build additional trust with them and find out more of their needs.

Spencer - That face to face meeting is always the most difficult thing for me!  I'm very shy and introverted by nature, and find it much easier to be my authentic self online and writing where I can take time to craft my thoughts to exactly what I want to say.  I do know that networking is a hugely important part of building relationships and a business, but it's the part that scares me the most.  I just need to get out there and do it.


I hear you. Have you read the book Quiet by Susan Cain? It's really good. I've seen a big jump in success by meeting people in person. My style is best with smaller groups or one-to-one conversations. I've found that asking questions has been a great way to get them talking without the pressure of me trying to talk the whole time. You can do it! 

Meeting with people, or simply being out in public and observing others has also given me ideas about what their problems are. I get ideas on how I can help when I'm with people. I then can write and get my thoughts out. And overtime I'm able to speak those thoughts to others. Your site is great. I totally believe you can do this!

Thanks Spencer - your vote of confidence feels great.  :)  I have read Quiet, but it's been a couple of years so it may be time for me to revisit that book.  I'll be sure it put it back in the line up once I finish my current book!


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