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I'm 43 years old, have been doing commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) for the past 16 years - working as a service technician.  For the past 11 years I have also been designing and installing digital temperature control systems in buildings which is something I prefer over the service technician job. Overall, I have enjoyed the past 16 years and would say I am pretty good at what I do, however situations (I would call mismanagement) with my employer have made me decide it is time to make a change in my life.  Now the simple thing would be just to find another job, but as I was reading Dan's 48 Days book, he asks what is your passion - my answer is "I don't know!"

No matter what job I have ever had, (Marine Corps, Semi Truck Driver, and HVAC) I have always enjoyed it and loved learning more about that job and tried to do it to the best my ability.  I always try to provide a great service to the customer.  But I also tend to make my job my entire life (much to the dismay of my family).

So now, as I am doing coaching with Joel, he asks me what my passion is & I still don't know. My tendency is to want to stay in HVAC work, but is it really just because I am scared to try something new (which makes me pretty nervous) or is it my passion?

Or is passion something deeper and not just a career field?


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What about starting your own business designing and installing digital temperature control systems. You could do this until you decide to do something else. Good Luck!



I thought about this, but still want to know my passion first.  Thanks for the reply!

Hey Dave, I had the same problem. I thought cars were my passion for a while and then it was computers. I figured out it was the learning that I was passionate about. I taught myself to work on cars and computers without a teacher or any courses. Later I found that learning is one of my core strengths.

One of my coaches, Deb Ingino, had me write 50 things I did well and enjoyed. It worked so well for me I think I'm going to incorporate it into my coaching. You might give it a try.

So the passion for you is something deeper than the skill you've grown.  Thanks for the reply.  I think I'll try your suggestion of the list of 50 things.

Glad to help Dave, have fun with it.

Dave, your passion can be equated with your purpose, your calling in life. It is who you are, not what you do. It is an integral part of your personality.  You can apply your passion to any number of jobs. From what you wrote I can see you have a passion to learn and grow, you strive for excellence and great customer service. That may be your passion. Now, how can you live that out? Any number of ways come to mind. Your job now is to really clearly identify exactly what you do well (just as Bryan explained), what things you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time (like learning more about things, for example) and how you would like your ideal life to look. Do you want a job or business that gives you more time for your family, for example. What does "more time" look like? Three hours a week? Every night of the week? Just Saturdays? What about other areas of life - how much stress, innovation, or change are you willing to deal with?  If the answer is "not much" then starting a business is not for you. But if those things fire you up, a business of your own might be ideal. Do you see what I'm getting at? Define who you are and who you want to be. Then find a career that supports those goals. 

I think people get lost when they focus on one area of life, like job satisfaction, and move or change jobs to meet that need only to discover the cost to their health, family life, or financial stability is too high. The trick is to identify what you want in all areas so when the perfect opportunity opens up, you'll know for sure it is the right one because it will meet all of your criteria.

let us know how it goes!



What makes you angry or brings tears?  (an injustice or problem that irritates you to the point of anger).  Maybe it is dirty cars, Starving children, Men who don't know their families, these are just a few examples to give the diversity of possibilities.  Then what are your skill sets, both technical, and soft skills.  How are you motivated (7 motivational gifts).  How can you combine how you are motivated with your skills to make a difference in the thing that makes you angry and/or brings you to tears. 

Just some things that have helped me.  They have enabled me to define the skills I needed to acquire, and narrow down how I can make an impact in the areas I am passionate about. 


WOW, what a twist.  Don't think I have thought about finding my passion in such a way as you have recommended.


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