Hello form Northern Michigan!


I'm Michael Dell (not the one that started Dell Computer).  I just wanted to introduce myself on the forums here and say hello. 


I joined 48days.net in 2008 and didn't do a thing with it.  Now I'm back! :) 


My story (short version).  I was in the USAF right after high school (in 1984) and spent 9 years flying all over the world.  After that I went to work for a company here in Traverse City, Michigan doing graphic arts work (printing, layout, photoshop and about 100 other jobs around that place).  3 months ago, in May 2011, I had decided after 18.5 years of doing that I was going to put in my 1 month notice at work and go freelance.  I had it all planned out.  On Thursday night my wife and I talked and it was set. I will put in my notice on Friday morning.  Well, it was like the hand of God reached down and slapped me up side the head.  I was going back and forth on weather I was going to pull the trigger and actually turn in my resignation letter. That Friday morning, the president of the company tapped me on the shoulder and said, "we are having layoffs effective immediately, and you are on the list."   So any thoughts of backing out were gone! I almost smiled at him.. (I didn't)  I didn't even have to train my replacement.  Great timing!  


Anyway, I've been spending the last 3 months doing some side jobs that I had prior to getting let go and getting ready to launch my business full force. I've been also taking a lot of "thinking" time.  It took me almost 2 months to figure out what I wanted to call myself.  I planned on doing some podcast consulting, blog consulting, light graphic design, Google services coaching and a whole bunch of other online help related things.   The trouble was, I couldn't figure out what to tell people when they asked me what my business was going to be.  No elevator speech or even a title that would make sense.  Although SEO would be part of the job, SEO Experts sound very spammy to people.  Same with Social Media Consultants.  I found my title....  Drum roll please... "Online Technology Coach".  It doesn't quite fit everything I will offer, but, I think it will help me answer the question. 


Another thing I did was finish the book I had been working on for a long time.  It's now out there as a printed book, kindle book, nook book and available on the website as a PDF. (self-published) Sales are going OK.. It's a very niche book, so any sales are good sales :) 


Anyway, as I get my feet under me as a freelance self-employed person working from a home office, I want to get involved here on 48days.net and get to know other's in my situation.  I also think it will replace the "water cooler" discussion I used to enjoy at a real job...Err... day job :) 



http://www.boonadello.com - My business website (such as it is) 

http://www.mikedell.com - My personal blog/podcast website

http://www.flightradio.com - My hobby website (also book website)

http://www.geekofthenorth.com - My Tech Podcast website

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Welcome (back) to the asylum. :) have you ever thought of having a site (blog?) called TheOtherMichaelDell.com? I don't know if it's available, just thought of it. That might actually be a fun bit of branding for your biz. I would encourage you to try to find a niche to target for your brand. Even if you do all the other stuff, branding yourself as a "small business social media consultant" sounds more specialized and therefore, more like you are an expert. Good luck!



That's Brilliant!  I went and registered it just now.  I will have it forward to my Online Technology Coaching blog part of my website (for now). 


Yes, I need to nail down one thing to specialize in. At this point, I'm not so sure what that will be. Thanks for the welcome back!




Wow - what a great story! As someone who's just starting to take baby steps in starting my own business, it's beyond encouraging to see other people doing it. For what it's worth, My Thing is helping people think creatively and critically so they can change their lives and change the world - and I have (ahem, several) decades of business experience, so holler if you need any help brainstorming.

And Scott? That suggestion was breathtakingly spot on, and you get my gold star of the day for creative thinking. :-)


Hi Mike! I'm from Northern Michigan too! Welcome!



Check it out!

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