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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for creative ways to increase my income. I currently work as a accounts payable clerk. I'm a single parent. My son is about to start school, ( which I have to pay for), I'm returning back to school online. I will graduate in May. 

I got a part time and I wore myself out. I would get off one job run to the other. I was working 7 days a week and when  your 3 year tells you, you work too much it's a problem.

So i know it has to have a way for me to make money from home. I love to bake but I don't see that being a big money maker. There are so many bakers in the area.  I'm also really good with computers and also data entry. 

If any one can help or give an idea. I would greatly appreciate it. 

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It's great that you're thinking about extra income without it having to be a part-time job.

I would encourage you to not be discouraged by the fact that there are "so many bakers in the area".  It's not like you're trying to take over their entire market share, you're just trying to create a little bit of extra income.  If you have a unique angle, you have the opportunity to stand out and build a customer base.  Do you have the best cookies?  Cake pops?  A product that's different than the other bakers?  Maybe you specialize in cinnamon items or fruit-related baked goods?  Think about your UNIQUE approach to the baking market.

Also, I would encourage you to think about partnerships WITH other bakers instead of competition AGAINST them.  Perhaps your specialty is something that they would like to provide to their clients and would consider outsourcing it to you?  Or what about the opportunity to use your computer/data entry skills to help them streamline their business?  You have a passion for baking and the computer skills.  Is it possible that other bakers in the area might need some technical help that you could provide on a contract basis?

Thank you so much. You really gave a lot to think about. It's always better to team up versus being against the competition. Thank you again Pete.

You're welcome!  I didn't look at your profile before, but I see that you're from Alexandria LA.  I used to live there (well, technically Pineville), and still have a lot of family in Cenla.  I worked at 93QID for awhile before it became Q93.  Keep us posted if you pursue baking and I'll be sure to order the next time I come to visit...because I have usually stopped at Atwood's in the past.

Oh wow, Pineville and Alex are one big city. I will definitely keep everyone posted on which route I choose to take. Thanks again.

Hi Charraye,  I work with a lot of eCommerce merchants that are small to medium sized businesses.  Over the years, many of them have needed help doing data entry for their products (updating pricing, adding new products, changing product descriptions, processing orders).  You mention being good with computers and data entry which would help.  This is something that you could do from home and for clients all over the country because they're online stores.

Thanks Greg, how would I go about doing this?

A few things I would recommend.  First, you could put a posting on Craigslist and some freelance types of websites out there that you're available for website and eCommerce data entry.  Next, reach out to website and eCommerce developers and agencies and tell them about your services.  Just like me, I'm sure they get requests for this.  The trouble is, they can't make it affordable for the client due to the size of their organization.  This is where being small is a benefit.  They could refer those clients over to you to help.  It's a win/win because they solve their clients problem and look good for it, and you pick up a warm referral.  I'll message you a list of some reputable developers out there that you could start with.  Additionally, I'll forward you some information on various web platforms that you could familiarize yourself with.  These are all Do It Yourself (DIY) types of platforms so you don't need to be a tech person to learn them.

Greg's reply reminded me of some advice I heard Dan Miller give to an accountant on one of his podcasts. The person asked a question about how to generate additional income with his background. Dan told him to look for small businesses who need someone to do their books, that would be cheaper than what they are paying to outsource their bookkeeping to large firms. Dan told the guy that if he found 3 or 4 small business clients who needed help, and offered his expertise to them for say $100-200 a week for 4hrs of work, or half of what they were paying the larger firms, and lets say he found 3  clients in a month. He could earn anywhere from $300 - $600 per week, which could add up to about $1200 -$2400 per month in additional income for roughly 9 to 12 hours of work per week total. In other words extra income for working a total of perhaps 48hrs per MONTH or less. 

I hope I'm accurately describing what Greg Davis is saying, or at least I'm close. LOL

Greg, I am also looking to generate additional income and eventually work for myself fulltime. I am very strong using computers, data entry, and social media. Would you mind sharing this info with me also?

Hi Michael,

Absolutely!  I'll send you a friend request, but you can also email me at greg (at) rhythmofprofitability.com and I can pass along some information.



Matthew, that sounds great. Thank you for your input. I was setting up a plan and doing research last night on how much to charge. Then I get a your reply, I just looked up and said "Thank you God". I will let you know how things turn out.

Looking forward to reading your success story. The numbers i gave may exceed what you'll find, or may fall short, nevertheless, showing and convincing the client that you can help save them a fair amount on their fees if they choose you will go a long way in building your platform. A good resource I suggest is http://michaelhyatt.com/platform, and http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Both of these are friends of Dan Miller, along with one more; http://www.dayjobtodreamjob.com/. In regards to your baking, I think the advice on baking is good also. Bring something that makes you stand out in a sea of bakers. (like a rum cake made with real rum, or a pina colada cake...etc.) LOL
Words of King Solomon; "Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land." (Ecclesiastes 11:2) In other words, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Have several opportunities going.


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