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Hi everybody!

(I sent this story to askdan@48days.com, but for the podcast I know Dan
will cut it down.  So I decided to copy and paste the full story here.)

Each week I hear the questions on the podcast, and have sent in a few
of my own which you have read.  Thank you for that.  But deep down I
have been wanting to be on the victories list for a while now.  I want
to have "We Are the Champions" played after my story.

My victory is this.  Keep in mind, however, it is still an incomplete
victory, but a victory nonetheless, and you'll see why.

I work part time, 4 nights a week at Domino's delivering pizzas.  I
also work for the State in the Food Stamp office.  What started as a 1
year goal to follow Dave Ramsey's plan to pay off debt has now turned
into a 3 1/2 year journey to just make ends meet.  I miss my wife and
3 kids, and in January we have yet one final baby girl on the way.  I
am 37 years old and feeling the pains of a mid-life crisis coming on.

I have known for a while that I will need a better paying job and
decided on sales and marketing because I know I would be compensated
much better than I am now in social services.  Deep down I want to get
an online business started so I can live the freedom lifestyle, but my
struggle with that is finding a niche I will be happy with.  I have
been learning about blogging and internet marketing for 3 years now.
Through this I have grown to love marketing.  I even listen to the
podcast "I Love Marketing" with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish, and also
10X Talk with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.  What would bore others to
tears listening to two guys drone on about marketing, actually keeps
my attention the entire time.

So I decided to search some local tech companies to stay in that
internet marketing field.  Working at Domino's one night, I met a guy
with the Angie's List logo on his jacket.  Come to find out, he was
the 25th hire at Angie's List here in Indianapolis which is now in the
thousands as far as employees hired.  So he has some pull!

Before I knew who he was though, we chatted about my desire to get
into sales and marketing with a local tech company.  At the end of the
conversation he gave me his card and told me about an entry level
sales position they were starting soon.  He told me to use his name as
a reference when applying!  So of course I went online, applied for
the position, interviewed and am still awaiting a response.

My ultimate victory in this story is to show people the power of
networking.  The power of striking up a conversation with someone when
you find a common interest.  But on top of that, the biggest victory
of all was that this was by far the best interview I have ever had.  I
had a response to every question.  I was ready with rapid fire
responses and afterward I was on cloud 9!

My mindset at this moment is that whether or not I get hired at
Angie’s List, I now have the confidence to go to any of these other
tech companies and just rock the interview!
Justin Ring

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Update. . . I got the job! And its a $10,000 annual increase from my current job, plus monthly team bonuses!

This victory is now complete!


Nice!!! Keep it up man


Thanks Allan

Not many places can you use the words Praise The Lord ..This being a CHRISTIAN GROUP I do say PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! and I am praying for you and your dear family JUSTIN!! May all the young ones be IN good health AND THAT YOUR new young LADY IS IN WONDERFUL HEALTH in Januay! BIG CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome Stuff ..So then way to have a good attitude and plenty of cheese on mine:)

I wouldn't call this a "Christian group," but rather a group run by a Christian man with a lot of Christians in it.  Regardless, I think you can say praise the lord anywhere you want.  It sort of sets the tone to everyone around you to let them know who you are and who they are working with.  Sure, they may be a bit thrown off or standoffish at first, but over time when show them you're just a good person with a caring heart who isn't a Bible thumper shoving salvation down their throats, they tend to open up to you over time and are a little more respectful when you enter the room.  So yes, praise the lord my friend.  And thank you for the encouragement!


Congratulations.  I did share a shorter version of your story on last week's podcast and will be delighted to give the update in an upcoming show.  Sounds like a great new opportunity that happened, not because you're lucky, but because you took specific action.  Awesome!

Great news! Congratulations.

Thank you Libby.

Thanks Dan,

Just an FYI: This all started with your 6 month challenge of reading positive material.  I added a caveat of getting off of my Facebook feed for 2-3 hours each night and doing something PRODUCTIVE, or listening/reading more positive material, or even taking an online course through Udemy.

If I may share what I learned about the psychology of reading the positive material, I think people do it thinking they will be uplifted and have a positive thought for the day, but ultimately it came down to me realizing long term that "Yes, I can too!  I am worthy, just as all these other people who started with little to no experience!"  It doesn't just give you fluffy feelings for the day, it changes your mindset and you start to believe "I can do it!"

So thank you for putting out the initial 6 month challenge!

Sorry, one more thing.  I also plan to write about my 6 month process and what was learned and hopefully turn it into a product (ebook, etc.)  Up to this point I had struggled to find a product to sell from my website.  Little did I know, I was working on one the whole time!


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