Has anyone on 48days ever heard of Incomeathome.com?  My wife heard about it on Sean Hannity's radio show.  Does anyone know about the legitimacy of this?  Is it worth checking out?  Thanks.

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This is just my personal opinion and I have never used or heard of them until I read your question. But just by looking at their site, I have no clue what I am signing up for or what the free kit is for. Digging a little deeper and reading the disclaimers, it looks like this is a MLM for Herbalife. MLM is not so bad if you like selling and recruiting people but it has to be a fit for your personality.

I have tried MLM and I would never do it again, between their motivational seminars and hoakey recruiting methods it was not a fit for me. I do not like to bug friends and family with hoakey MLM scripts and become the person people try to avoid.

Also doing a google search on this company, it looks like people have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars into incomeathome.com after the free kit for additional things they sell you. Which was the case when I signed up for a MLM program but fortunately I didn't buy their material.

Here is a link on their website that tells you how much the average person made in 2011. http://www.theonlinebusiness.com/previewms.php?p=popup9203&9203...

Again just my feeling on it, you are better off doing something online that adds value to the web and makes it a better place for others, like 48days :-)

Thanks, Danny.  I had a feeling it was something like this or something requiring, in additon to the "free" kit, an initial $500 investment.  I appreciate your feedback.

You're right on Danny.  My wife checked into this several months ago and it was an mlm.  I'm sure there could be some money made but it was not a right fit for my wife.  She did get her money back when she sent the material back.

Hi Douglas,

Yes, I've looked at income at home.  Here is my email address: leta.futureinmotion@gmail.com  It has some pros and cons.  I am part of another business that I compared it to.  I will give my take on it.  Looking forward to emailing.  Nice to meet  you on 48days.  I'm just getting started with the community part.  So, I'm meeting some great people. 



I thank everyone for their replies and interest in this discussion.  Personally, I am not the kind of personality fit for the average MLM and neither is my wife.  In fact, I know of few people who are.  (Four to be exact. :-))  Again, thanks to everyone.


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