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I have an idea for a website or app but NO idea how to build it.

My son came to me for about the bazillionth time asking, what are we going to do this weekend? "Well I don't know what's going on around". That got me thinking, how about a website that you could put in your zip code and the category of your interest and presto you have a list of every mud run, tractor pull, town fair or ballet (we don't have many of those around here) within 30 miles, whatever your heart desires.

Maybe there are sites out there that already do that and I just haven't found them or maybe I'm the only person that would find it useful. Where were at sometimes things can be going on in the next town and if you haven't talked to the right people you never know it.

I don't have the know how to build something like that or the money to pay someone else to do it for me. Is an idea like that worth anything or maybe someone design it for a percentage. For all I know someone may take my idea and run with it making millions I thought you guys could help. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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It's doubtful that there would many takers to build such a site for a percentage, we've got bills to pay too and the kind of site you're talking about would take some work. In addition, there are sure to be boring sterile alternatives out there that are focusing on monetizing first instead of creating a valuable resource. Think resource, then worry about monetizing it afterwards. I don't want to discourage you because you've got a good idea, but I think this would be something you may have to work on yourself.


There are a lot of different tools you can use to build a site like this. To start, I'd focus on doing something simple and seeing if you can get some traction that way. For instance, if I were in your shoes I might start by building a basic blog and then doing posts about events that are coming up on the calendar. Search your newspaper and promote your site to local events coordinators to find additional events for your site and list it all for free. You can even extend it and give a little of your own input and feedback about what's happening and how you've found it fun in the past.  Make it personable and I think it would be more attractive. Then in each post tag it with the zip code of the address where the event is taking place or something like that. Then people could review what's happening by zip code.


That way you can get started with your idea and see if you can put some "legs" on it. 

Hi Chris,

First of all, don't get excited, because at this point, I don't have a clue how to build a web site! The reason I am posting here is because when you said something about "mud runs" and "tractor pulls", you got my attention! I really like to watch those when I get a chance. I'll be watching this post to see where it takes you. Like Rob said, you've got a good idea, so let it rock!

Also, I would highly recommend Rob Orr's expertise. He has done MANY web sites for others. He's also very trusted around the 48 Days community. :)

Above all, have fun with this, -Archie 

here is some examples of what it might take to do what you want to do for your area.



It will be a good service for your community to get one started.  If I remember correctly, the nowplaying website got a grant to start the website.  check with your local chamber of commerce to see if they know of something similar already available for your community and if not would they be willing to help you get it going.


You got nothing to lose by contacting these webmasters to see how they got started and how to put the website together.  Maybe they will let you use the same setup or franchise it for your area.  You are not a direct competitor and it is always good to find a mentor so your can reduce the learning curve and learn from their mistakes.

best of luck


There are many sites like these, and they are very useful!  It doesn't have to cost you much to get a website going.  Actually, for the cost of a domain name, you're all set. 

Jeff Long and Andy Traub are excellent resources for how to build a Wordpress website.  There are many templates that are completely free to set up.  I would recommend you have a list of things going on, and a way for people to comment/review the events - again, very easy in a wordpress website - you simply set it up as a blog post.  The monetary piece of it...you will do better by not going to the event hosts, but through sponsors and affiliate links- once you've built an audience and have some momentum, that's when you will want to go to local businesses - restaurants, etc - that may want to advertise on the site - since people are going there to see what events are going on, they may want to grab a bite to eat - great incentive for a restaurant to advertise with a coupon or something.  Then, you can always monetize through affiliate links.  On 48 Days, it costs nothing to be an affiliate and, when someone clicks through and purchases, you get 15% commission on anything they buy - affiliate relationships like that would be another great resource for you.

If you are looking at building an app, here are some app guys that may be able to help you out:

Michael Jones

Dan Waller



> or maybe someone design it for a percentage

To the extent that you're serious about pursuing this idea, you need to think through a business model that makes sense if you want to recruit a web developer to work with you.

As a the owner of a custom web database development company, my first question would be, "a percentage of what"? We've done work before for a percentage of future revenue, but only when there was a business model that made sense for it.

Regarding your particular idea, my second question would be, "in light of your business model, how do you plan to fill it up with events/content from all over"? You could always start with a specific geographic area, because the smaller area you make it the easier it will be to have "complete" event coverage, but also the smaller you make it, the harder it could be to make money on it. (From the site creation / programming perspective, it's not that much more involved to create a website that does this for the entire country as it is that does it for a small town, as long as you're going to use zip code distance math in either one and build it on a solid infrastructure.)

As a former mentor once told me, "It's time to sharpen the pencils and work out some numbers."


Chris in conjunction with the great ideas for websites already given, you can explore designing an app. There are resources like elance.com or freelance.com that help you connect with app designing talent around the world. They of course, depending on location and other variables, can be quite affordable for a great outcome.


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