I have a new business idea, Home Prep, installing cable/internet/phone lines in new construction/reconstuction

I am currently a satelite technician in Michigan's thumb area. Looking to start a business which includes doing all cable/internet/phone lines throughout the house in new construction or reconstruction of homes and apt. bldgs. this is something that is rarely done correctly because those doing the work just don't know what needs to be done so that it will work for cable and satelite tv.

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Michael - I think this is a great business idea.  Check to see who else is doing it already.  I can't imagine that it's not being offered but if you can do it better you should be able to position yourself as the expert.  

As someone who hires AV companies on occasion for my remodeling company, I agree with Dan. There are many companies doing this. But I also agree with you, most don't know what they are doing or they have poor customer service.

You will really need to think about what is going to set you apart from all the other companies that offer this service. When I am hiring I am looking for -

  • fair
  • honest
  • reliable
  • knowledgeable
  • someone that can communicate
  • clean-cut
  • someone that can hold a schedule

If you can make a builder's life easier he will always be grateful. Being on top of their schedule more than they are is a plus. Cleaning up after yourself is also important.

Thank you for the suggestions, I do agree that I do need to set myself apart from others and be able to offer something unique. I do keep to a tight schedule with being an installer for Dish network. I do like the idea of letting builders know that I could make their life easier by doing this work for them and also they will look better in the customers eyes because the customer will get a professional job done.


This offers you an opportunity to sell through builders, and reach out to remodeling also.

The chance to design the network and plan the "man-cave" is a great niche.

Thanks, haven't thought of the man cave idea, I like that and think that I can use that to my advantage. I have seen a number of them in my line of work, you'd be surprised at some of them.

I love the idea, I wish you were available when I built my house.  I did a pretty good job deviating from the builder standard, but made a few oops in the process.  A guy like you would have asked why or said you forgot this(I forgot a couple drops), the builder simply said xx dollars per drop tell me where. 

The only thing I struggle with on this idea is could you convince builders/consumers they need you.  My experience with builders even the one I used is they want the cheapest solution, not always the best.  Still to this day most houses built in this area come with one phone drop and 2 cable... That is ridiculously not adequate!  There is obviously a need for more / different drops as on day one of someone moving in the cable/phone/sat company is outside pulling wire. 

Summing it all up.  Don't let the fact that other companies are doing it get you down, put together a great sales proposal and start talking to builders.  If they don't feel they need what you offer, I would suggest to them that they offer your package as an upgrade.  Maybe you could get a flyer put together that they hand to prospective clients, this could point at your website telling the consumer why they need your service!

Thanks Danny, One of the reason I think that builders need my service is that they will not have to redo the job to meet the customers needs therefore saving them time and money. I like the upgrade feature you suggested, if the builders can offer the customer multiple outlets, I feel this would be a win win for all concerned. let me know what you think.

For the upgrades: I think it will depend on the individual builders, some are more flexible than others. 

The other variant will also be the person buying the house.  Sometime, I am not sure the builder needs the education, but rather the consumer.  It is almost like you need to sell the consumer on your service so they request it from the builder. 

I wish you good luck in your sales quest!  

As a remodeler, I agree that your REAL client is the homeowner. However, most builders/remodelers will guard that relationship with their life. So your best bet is to help the builder/remodeler educate their customer by providing them with very simple point-of-sale materials - handouts, videos, samples, etc. that they can give to clients.

Maye even go so far as to help the builder/remodeler create a price  sheet (not your price to them, but their price to the homeowner) that they can use in their sales pitch.

Like I stated earlier, when working with builders it's all about making their life easier. I usually view subs that want to work directly with my client as a nuisance and problem waiting to happen. You need to show that you care and prove that you can be trusted with the relationship that they have worked for months to build.

Continued success.


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