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Hi all,

I am starting a new venture called GotTooned.com that will offer live digital cartoon caricature services to the masses for events, as well as individual commissioned caricatures. Here is my question: what would you pay for a digital caricature that you could use for your facebook/twitter photo, and/or print wherever you would like?

I am trying to gauge where my price points should be for individual caricatures. Attached is a sample of my work. I have been drawing my whole life and think that this would be a great way to get to draw for a living while working on other pursuits.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Your work looks great!  I'm not sure about pricing....there's several folks that will do this on Fiverr.com for $5. But, if you could do higher quality consistently, I'm sure you could get more than this. For me personally...a well done drawing...probably $20.
Thanks very much, Brent! Thanks for that website reference, too. That also gives me a great gauge of where things are going!
The first figure that popped into my head was $10.00. I've paid for two of these over the years, and I think that would be a good figure for a simple black and white drawing. I can not remember what I paid for either one. Some are colored in and you may charge more for those. Good work. Peace.
Thanks Bernice!

You are very talented! My 4 year old grandson is impressed with my stick figures, but nobody else is.  ha ha


I've seen a few sites where you can have this done and what I've noticed is some of them offer different prices based on what the customer wants.  For example, a simple 1 figure, black and white drawing was $10.00 or you could get a full color drawing for $20.  Then if you wanted to add another figure; say like a husband and wife was both of their faces featured, then there was an additional charge.  It reminded me of ordering from a menu with many options. Also, one of the sites did price both individual and then corporate drawings.  Say you wanted a caricature to feature in your logo or marketing material, then the price was a big higher because it would be used more extensively. 


Let us know when you are up and running, I'd be interested in having you do a drawing of my funny farm (seriously, I have a farm and would like to have some of the animals in the drawing)


Good luck to you!

Thanks, Karen! I will definitely make it public here when I go live! I really appreciate the feedback!

Honestly, I would not pay anything for a digital cartoon. In fact, I think a service or 2 exist that do that now. Google for them. But, I might come to a site to get a free caricature and by doing see whatever ads are on that site! I would structure it that way and sell advertising for the site.


I do think it could work in person for events. In that case, I think they usually hire you per hour. Dan has spoken of this on some of his podcasts. I think the hourly rate can be quite high. It could also be neat to set up a secondary "viewing station" with a large monitor so folks can "watch" while you draw.


In person, at a street fair or something, I'd think the price point is around $10 (especially in these economic times). You might be able to bump that up $5 or $10 if they got a paper printout as well as the digital file emailed.


Good luck.

Thanks for your feedback, Michael!


I think the door is wide open for you on this.  Doing caricatures one at a time for individuals may be tough to make work.  The way I've seen this work best is to be set up at events where you have lots of people coming by - or better yet, to be paid by an organization for your services instead of having to get payment from the individuals.

In 48 Low-Cost Business Ideas I talked about a guy who has been doing that for years.  I think it's the 3rd or 4th idea in - http://www.48days.net/page/48-business-ideas


I like you work !   I would pay $10.00  ( $20.00 if you made me look skinny !  haha ).

One other thing - if you did this at events or parties you would get even more.  For example, when my brother is at an event with a girl, he will spend extra money on everything to impress the girl with a fun night out.  In addition, when his company has their annual meetings, they budget a LOT of money for entertainment type things for their people.  Money seems to flow more freely at events.

Great idea-

Mary Kathan


Haha, I agree Mary: I definitely think that events are the way to go with this. Now let's see if I can pull this off!
Thanks for the kind words, btw!


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