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After firing my dentist, stockbroker and accountant for work and practices that I - and others should - deem unprofessional and unacceptable, I'm coming to the conclusion that my book, The Kindness Chronicles, is really a how-not-to do business book. I need to find a better title that conveys the idea that if you treat your patient, client, customer, buyer, employee, member or guest poorly, it's you who will lose (reputation, income, etc.) in the end. My book will be filled with real examples and how the company or professional practice could have handled things better and/or how they can still make the situation right. And in many cases did so voluntarily when brought to their attention.

FYI, my background is that of a marketing and PR consultant (30+ years) for professionals like consultants, doctors, lawyers, engineers, therapists, dentists, authors, speakers, etc. I'm currently providing a service using my investigative journalism skills on behalf of individuals who have been treated badly by professionals and corporations. I achieve good outcomes (often restitution) for my clients without lawsuits or nastiness. These cases, along with my own, supply me with lots of material for the book.

I need a title on the cover that jolts business owners and professionals out of their complacency. I've considered, The Undercover Client (I have the domain registered), but I think it's too tame. Suggestions?

(The current title/subtitle is seen in the attached book cover graphic below.)

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Money out the door:  how not to do business.

1. The Golden Rule, and other business principles
2. Customer Service Tactics
3. The Business Owners' Secret Weapon: Customer Service and How to Make It Work for You.
4. Litigation Free in a Law-suit Prone World.

Hope these help.

Thank you, Nate, Keith and Leslie for your title ideas. While there isn't one that jumps out at me, I'm playing with the words you've posted and using them as a springboard. I have a feeling I need something shocking.

One that came to me late last night is, Professional Suicide: How you treat people could be killing your business. 

Please keep the title ideas coming. It's your input that is charging my thinking.


Congrats on writing your first book. Here are just a couple titles off the top of my head.

Business Karma - The way to win

Sowing Kindness to dollars

Killing your Customers with Kindness

The K principle

Recipicality (sp) Principle

Win with the K factor

Win with the R factor


Thanks, Kirk. I like your ideas. The K Factor and The R Factor are similar to a title I successfully crowd-funded in the 80s... and didn't use, but could use now.

I actually have a few dozen how-to titles on publishing, consulting, speaking and relationships under my belt, and am launching my second publishing company. My first was launched in 1981. My plan is to publish how-to books by other authors in a year or two.  

A link to the under-construction web site for Bitango Books: http://www.andreareynolds.com/bitango/titles.html


I apologize, I remember now that you have said that you have written several books.  Congradulations on launching the publishing company.  Are you going with a traditional model or are you leveraging the changes in the e-publishing market?  Love hearing about people starting new businesses. 



No apology needed.

To answer your question: YES! Traditional publishing, but with e-publishing as well. The "About" section will describe Bitango Books a bit more: http://www.AndreaReynolds.com/bitango/about.html

The blog - only 3 or 4 posts - is on the home page.

Kill them with Kindness, or Face the Consequences

The Kindness Chronicles: Rules for Navigating the Age of the Streaming Video Expose

Undercover Client - Chronicles of Kindness 

Fired! Maintaining Business Loyalty in an Distracted World

Oooh, I like Fired! That's what I think disgruntled clients and patients should do to some practices and companies. I also like Lee's subtitle about exposure and facing consequences. 

I'm certainly no expert in the subject, except that I read a lot, lol. From your description it sounds like this might be one of those situations where a nice-sounding name might get lost in the shuffle of all the other books about how to provide good customer service. You talk about firing your dentist, stockbroker, etc. so I'm picking up that this is where you want to focus. Perhaps a more in-your-face idea about the consequences of poor customer service might work...

Your Customers Are Dumping You And You Don't Even Know It

Poorly Managed Customers Are Killing Your Business

When A Customer Leaves, Does Anybody Notice?

I like the "Professional Suicide" idea posted earlier too. I'm just suggesting, as a reader I would not be motivated to read a book about good customer service. I'd be motivated to find out why the author thinks I could be losing customers without even realizing it.  

You know what might be a fun way to test your favorite titles is post a few articles in some article submission sites.

Post each with basically the same content - a synopsis of the book content, but all with different titles. See which one garners the most attention. 

Then you'd be a step ahead on which title will potentially sell more....

OR create a sign up on your website to get a free chapter of your upcoming book and split test the sign up form all with different titles and see which one tests better.  If you have Aweber you can do this relatively easily.

My brainstorm...... (sound of distant thunder...)

- The Nice Factor - can the good guys still win?

- Punked! - how the "bad boy" image in business has been losing you money and how to turn it around (lame)

- "Go Ahead Make My Day!" - What works for Dirty Harry May be killing your profits.

- Diary of a wimpy boss - the secret connection between being nice and being rich...

OK those may be a bit ???  But maybe it will spark some other ideas.  Excited to hear what you come up with.


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