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I have too many irons in the fire and I need help figuring out what to concentrate my time on. I'm just looking for the opinions of great minds to help give me a little clarity. I don't want someone to make the decision for me, just give me your thoughts.

I am a network marketer. I make a few hundred dollars a month doing that. That is something that is pretty much on auto-pilot now. I blog about working from home and I get new customers and business builders from that. Blogging is relaxing for me so I don't see a point in quitting that no matter what I decide to focus my efforts on. I have training all set up so I don't need to spend a lot of extra time on that.

My next "profession" is a customer service rep/virtual assistant for a company out of Texas. I take care of their emails, website, shipping and answer phones. That pays good and is my main source of income during my quest for the work I love. I do this from my home so the hours are flexible. I will continue to do this until I get one of the following up and running (making MONEY).

Here is what I'm confused about:

1. Virtual Assistant - I love the thought of this and am really good at it. I have a website, but am not sure how it will go over. Many people will go to guru.com or elance.com and outsource work overseas really cheap before they will pay me for my expertise. I'm beginning a blog about it so I can get this into the search engines, but am not sure it will turn into a viable source of income.

2. Life Coaching - This is another thing that I am really good at. I've been doing it all my life without getting paid for it. ;-) I have some great testimonials and want to move into the acutally getting paid area of Life Coaching. My specialties are business coaching and life direction. If I were coaching someone on the problem I have, I would tell them to list all of the things they are interested in and what they like best about them and get input from like minded people to make a decision, so that's why I'm asking you guys.

3. Public Speaking - I have done this for small free events, but have not broken into the "getting paid area" of this either. I want to go into colleges and businesses and talk to the students, staff and employees about how to understand and relate to others in their professional and personal life. This will help colleges run smoother by allowing students to understand & relate better to their peers as well as helping the graduates in their job search. It will help businesses by showing their customer service reps how to relate better to the customers.

So - please take a look at my sites and what I do. Let me know what your thoughts are. Remember - I'm not looking for someone to make the decision for me, just give me input on what you see. Help me bring clarity to the situation.

Thanks so much!!!


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Not really because all of them fit in that criteria. I enjoy all of them. I am competent at all of them. All of them will pay me well if I can choose ONE to focus on. All of them will lead somewhere.

That's the dilemma. I've gone through all of the preliminaries with the choices. ;-)


Andrea Reynolds said:
These are the criteria I use and teach to my clients when considering accepting a project, in no particular order:

I must enjoy it.
It must be within the realm of my competency.
It must pay me well.
It must lead somewhere.

Does this help you decide?

Blog: Advice Empire
Blog: Your Wisdom is Worth a Million
HHHMMM...I guess that would be life coaching. I've got lots of testimonials from people who I've helped over the past year or two for free. It makes me feel good when someone tells me I've made a difference in their life. I suppose I could lump life coaching and public speaking together eventually and put the Virtual Assistant on the back burner.

Thanks, sometimes it helps to just have another person's input. You've got me thinking now.

Andrea Reynolds said:
Is there one you are strongly passionate about?
Is there one you receive the most compliments for?

I know. It's hard to make the transition to paid coaching. I joined the 212 Connection and am soaking up all of the info I can over the next day or two.


Andrea Reynolds said:
Absolutely combine the 3. You can even coach people to be virtual assistants. (You already do it, now teach others.) I combined consulting, writing and speaking; and have gone further: consulted to other consultants, published, and represented other speakers.

Now stop coaching for free!


Blog: Advice Empire
Blog: Your Wisdom is Worth a Million
Yes, but how can you teach others to make money with their expertise if you aren't making money with yours? That wasn't a snotty question, simply an observation. You are saying on another thread here that you aren't making enough money to pay someone $50 or so to touch up your website, so I don't understand how you can teach me to make money with my expertise. Does that make sense? When you're on the internet, EVERYTHING you do is out in the open for people to see. Most people can put 2 and 2 together and get 4.

I'm not saying that to be derogatory, just to point out how I see it.

Andrea Reynolds said:
What's hard about it....? :-)

Helping people get paid for their advice is the work I do. If you've already read my blogs, my manuals and reports on making money with your expertise would also be useful to you.

Roxanne Green said:
I know. It's hard to make the transition to paid coaching. I joined the 212 Connection and am soaking up all of the info I can over the next day or two.
I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. I have two successful businesses and am trying to launch a third to replace the most time consuming one of the first two. I have glanced through a few posts on here but do not have time to do extensive research on everyone.

However, MY particular dilemma is that I help everyone who is struggling without compensation and I am wondering how to make the transition to charge people for my services. You claim to have the answer, however it appears you are just as compassionate and kind hearted as I am. Welcome to the club. ;-)

I'm not rejecting your advice. I do, however, generally look for someone with a proven map to lead me when I'm lost.

Have a great day!!


Andrea Reynolds said:
I've posted on several web sites and blogs what happened to me. I've mentioned frequently and in great detail that I'm starting over after a series of events that can (and do) happen to any of us. I was bullied and beaten down very badly emotionally by a community for no reason that I can comprehend and I'm still trying to recover and restore my self-confidence. While circumstances happen that are outside of my control (like a home invasion, a stalker, etc.), that's not a reflection of my intelligence, knowledge and prior experience. I spend time on 48Days and other forums offering ideas and supportive solutions for free because I continue to be a kind person (at least I think so) and I trust that it will come back to me one day.

My philosophy is to treat others the way I'd like to be treated and every day I help people who are struggling, with no compensation. You are welcome to accept or reject my advice. It comes from my experience and from the heart. I was once been blessed with financial success and recognition in my life and really want to see others have it too.

I wish you tons of success; you have endless potential. Very exciting.


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