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Handed out  business cards at a convention and haven't seen any results.... I did have several steps that I asked them to take

visit my website  MyQuietDolls.com

Then ask to join my closed facebook group.....

then they could have a free pattern download and guess how many cards I handed out at the convention to win a prize...

The people I gave cards to acted totally interested and the cards were super cute... but were they able to ask to join the group?  I would reallly appreciate if you could take a minute and see if you are able to ask to join the group!  The free pattern is in the facebook group under files....

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Hey Vickie, I followed the Facebook link you shared, but it didn't work. Care to re-share?

facebook link      this could explain a lot if it does't work! Good thing my business cards actually have a phone number if they need it!   Yes it's not working for me either :(  .... on facebook the name of the group is myquietdolls...... could you try logging into fb and then typing in that name? ask to join if it gives you the option please so I can trace down the errors.... guessing I have multiples at this time :(

Hi Vickie,

The FB link in your post above goes to a dead link, but when I went to Facebook directly and typed My Quiet Dolls, the group immediately came up.

If I may be blunt, I'm not seeing anything about the product or service or pattern on the website, only a family picture and extremely small font on the front page (in gray, making it especially hard to read).  The contact page links correctly to FB, and the only other way to contact you is via a blog comment.  So I went to the blog page, didn't understand the connection between the only post there and dolls...but more importantly at the end of the blog there isn't anywhere to post a comment which is how you directed people to contact you.  Now to be fair, after looking around, I noticed the "No Comment" link at the top of the blog, clicked it, and it gave me a form to fill out to comment.

Also, on the FB page it requires me to join the group to see anything or contact you.  The photo is a cute childlike pattern but I'm not seeing anything about dolls.  

Simply by being a member of 48Days, I believe that you mostly likely have a good product and a desire to get it out to the world, however nothing that I've been directed to tells me anything about the dolls (do I buy them or do I buy a pattern to make them myself?), or what the back-story is, why I should want/need one, what they look like, how to buy, a price point, or really anything at all.

Bottom line is that neither the site nor the FB page are very user-friendly which may be the reason that the card-marketing yielded no results.  There should be a lot less 'friction' in order to get in touch with you or to find out more about the product.

I wish you the best and hope that you find this feedback useful.


thanks for your response.   I'm sure that the improper link was a major issue and yes there are lots of issues currently with this site.  I've taught hundreds of women how to make these dolls but in person not on the web.  This is a huge transition for me and after ordering my cards I realized-  my old website was inactive and threw this together before leaving town.  All cards had my direct phone number but many of my contacts (all those with children/and or strollers) are dealing with returning home after a huge mind blowing wonderful convention and if they are like me they are in catch up mode vs looking for a new project.  I'll fix the link and keep correcting my course.  I really do appreciate all the input and only time will tell if the cards + my elevator pitches will bear fruit.

Great feedback Pete.

Perhaps pinterest might be a good social media place along with your website for your audience and presence as I am GUESSING this Pinterest may be a good place to find some folks looking for your great products. Perhaps as you are talking to folks, just ask where they like to grab ideas for their projects.

Yikes! yes Pinterest would be great if I can stay on focus.... it blows my mind! too many awesome ideas and it goes on and on and on and ................

Yeah! Someone joined that I didn't personally know and invite... guess it works!

I would work on turning your website into a funnel for your business.  It's sort of a placeholder at this point.  

Vickie - no, the link to your Facebook group is not working.

As for handing out cards at a convention - it's not surprising you've seen little response.  If you meet people you want to connect with, stay in the driver's seat.  Don't expect them to follow up.  Lots of things are happening at a convention and cards collected are rarely ever looked at again.

thanks for your input! I might not have gotten much response but now I got off my duff and got awesome business cards ... professional business cards that look great :) not the homemade ones I've settled for in the past..( even though the old ones had a memorable recipe on the back..). as long as I progress daily I"ll get there... a place holder website for now...an etsy shop with nothing in it....step by step..... every fail gets me closer as I redirect and adjust my sails/sales... :)


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