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Hi everyone

I am a Chiropractor who is co-owner of a natural health cooperative clinic with several other natural health professionals that will be opening soon.  We are all separate business entities (Chiropractic, Massage therapy, Naturopathy, etc.) who will be operating under the same umbrella in the same building.  The official opening date is June 1st.  I would love to write some professional lay-person friendly practice brochures to introduce Chiropractic and the unique services I have to offer to the community.  Writing is one of my stronger talents about which I am very passionate and I am good at it; however, I have a very hard time writing about myself and feel paralyzed every time I sit down to write something.   I was in private practice before (and wrote much of my own stuff) but after nearly 5 years the practice failed. I guess I am afraid of failing again and so my confidence level is kind of low.   Plus there is so much information out there nowadays about the "right" and "wrong" ways to promote one's business, that I am confused and afraid that my way will be the wrong way.  I would appreciate any help or suggestions you might have for breaking out of this funk and effectively promoting my business.  I can write promotional stuff for other people all day long but when it comes to writing to promote myself lately I choke.

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Hi Rochelle,

Blogging is a great way to "release" your writing creativity as well as "get you started" on the road to getting your stuff out there. Over time, you can use your blogs to create content. Don't worry about being perfect - just try shooting for 300-500 words a few times a week. May help to set a time limit as well so you don't sabotage your creativity by worrying about making it perfect. If you want, try blogging under a title that is anonymous on a free wordpress.com site. 

Okay, I say this with a "mom" smile: Buck up, don't worry about how much stuff is already out there, and know it is YOUR voice that people will be gifted and blessed to hear from. Who cares if no one reads it, just the process of getting it out there will be a great exercise on getting your content together.

Best wishes!!!



Why should I go to a natural health co-op? 

With so many chiropractors out there what makes you different. (p.s. its ok to brag here)

So I know I should probably go to a chiro when I get in an accident, but what other reasons are there to go see you? 

Is the natural stuff just voodoo mumbojumbo? How can it directly help me? 

so those are just s few questions I thought might help you out. I really am interested in this field and what you have to say. Will be excitedly awaiting your answers! You will do awesome!

Okay Allan Dubon and Mike Cournia.  I have gotten a good night sleep, have kicked myself in the pants and gotten over feeling intimidated.  Actually Allan these would be great questions to include in a brochure that details as Mike Cournia put it (using the analogy of the radio station) WII-FM...What's in it for me as well as to also address common questions, concerns, misconceptions, and objections.  I may "steal" some of your questions if you don't mind.  One of my projects for the weekend will be to write out answers to these questions in a warm and fuzzy kind of way (as Mike suggested) that reaches out to prospective patients and engages them on their level about things that concern them.  Mike, would you happen to have any examples of the warm and fuzzy WII-FM promotional materials that you would be willing to share?

I recommend using what you hear most from your patients. I have always liked a "WOW" campaign. Providing you hear "wow" often.  Wow, the pain is gone!  Wow, I can stand straight again!  Wow, I can sleep through the night again!...my headache is gone...I can concentrate again...I can work in the yard again... Yea! I'm #1 on the pain level.

Back when I was with the Dale Carnegie organization, I read a quote of his that said, "The best way to convince people to join is to parade in front of them, graduates who tell of the benefits in their own way." In other words testimonials. People will come with the hope of outcomes they see or hear. 

My first DCC appt was because a friend said that he got relief from pain.  I had pain and I wanted relief.  I didn't care about his degree, his office, his staff.. I wanted pain relief.  I cared about those things later. He gave me relief in the 1st appt.  WOW, I had had significant pain for over a year until that appt! I became an advocate. I ended up developing an advocacy program for offices to build practices.  But that a different topic.  Benefits = actual outcomes in common language. Subluxation does not resonate well with those who are unfamiliar the chiropractic. Have fun.

Hi Rochelle,

I had an appt with my DCC (successful office, very busy, opening 2nd office etc.) this AM and I discussed you with him.  His first comment was "I don't like brochures much.  They are not very effective".  He then agreed with me on the benefit statements.  He prefers questions like "How would you like to play with your kids/grandkids again?  Would you like to go on a picnic and be able to sit on a blanket on the ground again? etc.

He went on to say, "do what you do well and pts will appear".

I believe one pt advocate is better than 10,000 brochures.


I am so excited for you! Here's the thing, you don't need to have confidence in you because its not about you. It is about the benefits you provide your clients and friends. Once I took this approach on my blog: http://www.AllanDubon.com the readership climbed rapidly. I am still a beginning blogger, but the trend is upward. 

Also you were looking for people doing it right here is an example that is near to what you are talking about: http://hungryhottie.com/cookbook/ 

She has a lot of points that make it about the client! You will do amazing things. I can sense that you enjoy what you do based on your concern for doing it right. Remember be your best self, which means be the best version of you at that moment. Don't expect perfection, just work towards it!

Hi Rochelle,

It's the craziest thing, I just got my Chiropractor's license today! (My wife doesn't even know I've been taking classes for however many months or years it takes )

I'm setting up the exact same business model you are with several other natural health professionals and am in need of someone to write some promotional material for me. I really need to put potential patients at ease and make them feel welcome. Can you help me? Preferably for free?

I'm not sure what the name of your practice is going to be, but I can say with 100% certainty that mine will have the same name. ;)

Keep us posted!

Hi Rochelle,

Always good to see you name in the forum. Thank you for starting this thread.

The words and advice you're getting is well-founded. I know Jen personally and her books Living beyond Awesome and Living beyond Rich are special to us. She is a mom that has made it happen.

I'm going to challenge you in a different way. Instead of focusing on getting past the writer's block, what are three-to-five things you can do for yourself this week that will boost and build your self-confidence? 

I hope you start this discussion in my Finding your Voice group. Tap into as many minds as you can. :-)

Hi Jen
Sorry for the delayed response. Between seeing patients at the present office, getting everything ready for opening day at the new office, being a mom and a wife, as well as dealing with the unexpected death of my younger sister this past week (just got back home to SC from NJ), this is the soonest I have been able to get back on and answer anyone. I like your idea about blogging. Lately since losing my sister, I have had a very strong desire to write; however, the writing that is stirring in my spirit right now has nothing to do with promoting my practice. It is more a desire to deal with the grief in a healthy way and pay tribute to my sister. But I get the feeling that I need to write whatever is on my heart right now and perhaps doing that would probably "unblock" me and release my creativity to write what I need to for my practice. Just got to try and carve out some margin of time to write as it seems every hour of my day is full anymore until late in the evening and then the challenge is keeping myself awake.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister Rochelle.  If you feel the desire to write, just start writing.  Start a free blog on wordpress.com and start putting your thoughts down, regardless of what they are.  My wife did this after we suffered a loss and I know it's been very therapeutic.  Her writing is very touching and heartfelt, but the truth is she didn't share the address with anyone.  She never uses names in the writing so family can't accidentally stumble across it.

She's just writing for her.  Thing is, she's gotten quite a bit of traffic and gained some followers even though she's only written maybe 10 posts in two years.  It can be a very positive way to deal with your grief and, whether you know it or not, possibly help others as well.

My condolences,

Thanks for the condolences Steve. If I were writing for you in the situation you described, I would definitely need more information such as What is Chiropractic?  What is your philosophy and your unique specialty?  How can what you do benefit me?  etc.  But before we got to that I would need to get a brief bio of you.. more than just "I got my Chiropractic license."  So turning the tables back to me.  I guess I will need to step outside myself and write out the answers to these questions I just asked you as if I were writing for someone else and go from there.

Oh Rochelle, 

I am SO SORRY to hear about the passing of your sister. What an incredibly emotionally draining week it must be. Yes, writing what is on your heart might be the answer - sometimes when our brains get "clogged up", we need to do a brain dump of sorts on a regular basis. I find it keeps the creative sparks going if I do this consistently. 

Just an idea, but perhaps starting off with journaling might be a great way to start too. As much as I hate writing things out because honestly, it feels like typing is faster and more efficient, there is something emotional about being able to write it out. For some reason, when you give yourself permission to write as much as you can for 5 minutes a day, no matter what the subject is or what it "looks" like on paper, it is a wonderful emotional release. When I type it out however, I feel like I am in editing mode and don't freely release things as easily - in short, I am more critical of what things look like when I type compared to when I write. 

Perhaps looking at it as a 5 minute thing to do in the morning might not feel so overwhelming, especially if you have a full schedule.

Again, sorry to hear about your sister. May your heart find peace and healing very soon!



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