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Has anyone slowed down on the progression of their goals for 2017?

Statistically, most people have already stopped putting effort into their goals. 

If this is you, what has gotten in the way? 

What needs to happen for you to started again? 

Have you adjusted it because you learned from the action you have taken? 

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slowing down and and stopping putting effort in are very different experiences.  Stuck in traffic is probably a good analogy for me right now.  I'm making progress, but it's slow going.  It would be great if things were going faster, but I recognize that life sometimes gets in the way.  My course is unchanged.  I just need to get past a few obstacles that are slowing my progress.  

Thanks for making that distinction. YOu are right. Slowing down and stopping are very different. 

This is the first year I've had personal goals. Started in Aug' 2016 (my birthday), so i'm just over half way.

I certainly have a mix. Some goals I already completed, others I'm behind. Might be too early to say if I stopped completely or just slowed down as they are not daily activities. I also have a few goals I decided to consciously drop and not pursue anymore.  

For those goals I am behind, I'm trying to think if there were the right goals for me. If they are, why have I stopped? What does it take to continue? mainly i'm fighting my own need for comfort/procrastination. 

I also found that I need to be more aligned with my spouse on my goals, as I need her support. 

Yes Ofir, being aligned with your spouse is essential to successfully completing your goals. I've also counciously dropped goals that were not a priority for me at this time. 

I've shifted many goals I have had two major breakthroughs in life and business that required many of my goals to be put on pause. 

I never stop putting effort into my goals, but they always take me longer than I'd like. 

I started getting up an hour earlier and it's helped me accelerate my progress immensely. 

I'm always making little tweaks to the way I work and slowly by surely I'm making progress!

The goal has always been there but my actions never stopped. As an example, I just finished Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book. Most of it is already on automatic even before I read his book. It may not finish in a year but my goals are long term. I have a large post-it board in my office as a constant reminder for me. The file is attached. These are some quotes that struck me the most while reading several books. I hope you can use them as well.


Thanks for sharing James!


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