As the Branding & Positioning guy (see my group here), I have my ear to the ground on all things relevant. Recently, two different people sent some funny and memorable brands/taglines to me. While they may be off color, they are more than just funny, but really speak to the point of the business...which is good. Funny is of no value if it's not compelling and doesn't help position the company:

Hey Kevin- Just saw a great tagline for Arborwerar pants(tough/canvas/tree-climber’s pants):
“We would be honored to have you do your business in our pants.”
These guys get it.
- from Scott Dunphey (Sheen Enterprises)

I was driving in New Haven, CT, in one of the more "interesting" parts of the city, when a bumper sticker on the car in front of me grabbed my attention:
"Why torture yourself ? We'll do it for you !"
Don's Tattoos

- from Don McCallum, a 48Days.NET member and not the 'Don' in the bumper sticker ad!

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I like the one from our local Judd's Glass company, up here in little ol' Woodland Park (just up the pass from Colorado Springs). It is printed on all their trucks:
"Get Your Glass Up The Pass"

Makes ya' giggle, but still clarifies their niche!
I didn't know that! Go Judds.

That reminds me of an electrician in the town where I grew up--had painted on the tailgate of his pickup "Let Us Remove Your Shorts"
Hey, I just appreciate the creative ways to get folk's attention!
Very effective tag line!
Hey there...
A local plumbing company had this painted on their vans - cracked me up every time.

"A Straight Flush always beats a Full House"
I had a cousin stationed in Anchorage, AK and my aunt went to visit. When she came back she had presents for everyone and gave my grandmother a pair of earrings. I was 8 or 9 at the time and almost 10 years later I still remember them.

Moose Poop Earrings "Do-do you like them?"

They were made out of moose poop that had been dried, glazed and fired in a kiln. Someone was very resourceful!


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