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I can't believe it's been more than a year that I joined.  Time has flown by faster than a blink of an eye. 

I lost my job December 16, 2014.  I have interviewed, and interviewed, and interviewed.  I have sent countless resumes, met managers and have spoken to them about obtaining work. And, well, even the "surest" thing didn't pan out.  I am attempting to open my private practice, and a baking business.  However, without income, as an investor fall out of the face of the earth, it's been difficult.  I was set to start selling at farmer's market, but without the money I needed for materials and permits, I can't.  I can't, or at least I am not sure, qualify for a business loan.  I don't want that route.  especially for something as small as the farmer's market.  I am starting to see a client tomorrow, finally, but it's only one.  I don't know when my car will be repossessed.  I see the frustration building, and that has kept my creativity down.  Much like when I was trapped in the 9-5 paycheck.  Any ideas?  Fear and doubt have taken a seat next to me, and are holding on like a jealous girlfriend. 

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I can understand your frustration! One of my good friends from here on 48days went through a similar situation. Jason Garey. You can make it through this, but you need someone to guide you, it is difficult to see through the fogginess of despair right at your heels. 

Shoot me an email at DubonCourses@gmail.com and I'd be happy to chat with  you about a few options. They are all commission based, but it could get you out of a bind real quick. 

You say you are meeting with a client, what type of client work do you do? 


Allan; Thanks. Wil do.
I am a mental health therapist by profession. I've been doing that for 15 years. But I've wanted to own a bakery since I was 18 years old. I'm now 45.
Hey Sam,
I am so sorry you are going through this right now. I have no doubt you are hustling to secure employment and make your dream businesses a reality.

And maybe I'm wrong, but I hear that you need income and pronto. Have you tried taking a stop gap job delivering papers, working retail, yard word, substitute teaching...heck I gave plasma for months when things were bleakest.

Those all allow flexible-ish hours while getting a paycheck, letting you still hustle for work doing what you really love, and give you the dignity of employment.

Something to think about. I've been laid off too and it's scary as all crap, but keep hustling & believing that it does get better!
Thanks Annie. I've been apying at all sorts of jobs. But I keep gettin rejection after rejection. You gave plasma? How painful was that? Ouch! For me It came to the point tjat I lost hope. But today I started seeing a client to provide therapy. Which hopefully that little business can pick up. And yeah, I have to keep looking. I can't stop. I'm not depending on a government bailout, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Sam,

We opened a home based bakery from our house, and the initial investment was less than $1000. About $500 covered self serve course, LLC related charges (you don't have to be LLC) and other permits. We got clients from our circle of friends and all sorts of forums my wife joined online with people in the area. 

We didn't buy any special equipment (no industrial oven for example) and whichever small stuff we needed we were able to cover in the initial $1000 or from revenue. 

Start from home. If you're in debt, don't go renting/buying professional kitchens.

I'm sure you can do it!!


Hi Ofir, thanks for the encouragement.
So less than $1000? I was looking at the professional kitchen route, and buying a few things to make croissant making a little easier. But yeah, it can get super expensive going that route. I looked at applying for the CFO now. So I can do it from home. I will be teaching a baking class Monday to get the funds to pay for that.


I can't imagine how frustrating you must be at this point - sometimes when we hit road blocks, it seems like we start seeing them EVERYWHERE!!! Fear and stress as you know can do some pretty funky things with your self esteem. I love the feedback you have here. 

When we were scared out of our minds and afraid we would lose everything during our financial turmoil we felt like our world was crashing around us. We looked at all the thing we couldn't do and felt trapped and stuck.

Long story short, we went on to do very well paying off our finances (you can find our story HERE), however I wanted to share a few things with you that helped us immensely:

1. Check your support system - in doing what you do, you probably know the value in having great people in your life, however sometimes it is easy to isolate. Having those true blues that you can really be vulnerable with are essential.

2. Check your language - sometimes we tend to look at the things we "can't" do, especially when we are in fear and stress modes. Intentionally changing your language to look and say what you "can" do is sooooo empowering. I love the ideas that Ofir mentioned below - seems like it opened up some ideas.

3. Take inventory - is sounds like you are getting interviews - if a job is still where you want to move to, perhaps meeting with someone who can give you HONEST and BLUNT feedback when it comes to your interview skills would be helpful. There may be some obvious things on the outside going on that may be difficult to recognize yourself. Enlisting guidance from others is a great way to becoming self aware. 

I know these sound probably over simplistic, but know they are powerful. 

Lastly, sending you well wishes that great things will be starting to come your way. Think that is so awesome you have reached out to this community to share as this is NOT easy to do - so kudos to you for doing!!! 

Also, I LOVE that you are looking at what you currently do, but are seeing what you love to do. Seriously, that is awesome. Finding someone in that field to mentor with might be a great idea - sometimes seeing their journey can be so helpful. 


You might think about networking with a current bakery and sharing your dream.  They may have ideas for you or help you transform into a bakery role allowing you to do what you love while building on your dream.  We had a fourth generation bakery catch on fire and put the bakery out of commission and as a wonderful act of grace, a competitor offered kitchen time to them to help them through the down period. It's normally a great network of hardworking people.  Most small bakeries are open early hours and that leaves an opportunity for an "after hours" baker to negotiate for time and space to do their work in a licensed facility.

Go talk to the business owners in your area that are living the dream you have for yourself.  Your passion and enthusiasm will rise up with you talking about your dream to own a bakery.  it will provide some encouragement to you as you work through the issues you are facing.
Best of luck,Michelle


I feel for you brother. That can be disheartening. I think Michelle had some great advice as far as partnering with another bakery. Along those lines, you might also look at other restaurants/deli's/butcher that might be a good fit and have kitchen space in "off hours".

Having a complimentary business could help the other guy out too with additional traffic and possibly a share of the revenue if you weren't paying rent.

If you go that route, be sure you and the other business have the same expectations as far as how much time you will spend there, how you will pay/share revenue, kitchen responsibilities etc. You don't want to get into a situation where you both have different expectations or assumptions.

Be upfront and honest with them...but without painting a bleak/last resort type of picture. An existing business will want a positive atmosphere for their customers.

Keep posting here to help get info and stay accountable. You can do this!



needles don't bother me in the least, so it really wasn't that bad. I paid for my teaching certification - in cash - thanks to my blood money. LOL.

But to echo what Dan said in his podcast...get some traction going. I have cobbled a living out of plasma, retail, and substitute teaching. I did that for a year and managed to pay bills. I do encourage you to get you some sort of stop gap job - Lowes, Home Depot etc. to get income in & build your self-esteem!
Just to update you guys. I am now, at this moment selling at a farmers market. First day too. It's slow, but it's worth being out here. A lot of lessons in the last two days about how to run a business. It took a while to get all the permits and get the necessary ingredients but here I am now. Thanks for your support.

Congratulations, Sam! You are perservering and pushing forward. Can't wait to hear more!


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