I'm sitting here somewhat in awe, because when I met Dan Miller back in May, I had published chapters in other people's books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, but no books of my own. I learned a really valuable lesson from Dan (actually many lessons!): take action. It may not be perfect, he said, but take action. 

Nearly six months later, I have finished four books. The one I started two and half years ago is coming out soon-- I'm so excited I just had to share! Two and Half Years Later, We Have a Book

Feeling so blessed to have met Dan (thank you, Dan) and the wonderful folks here in the 48 Days community!

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Now you're on fire, Karen!!! Just rock this world with your bad self! :) 

I LOVE post like this! This is the kind that excites me most about being a 48 Days.net member.



Thank you, Archie! Looking forward to some announcements from you too! Go, go!!!

That is awesome, Karen! Way to go!

Thank you, Raun!


Thank you, Travis!

Very cool.

I am working overtime just to catch up with you!!

Ha, Derek! I'm working overtime to catch up with... Dan!! LOL


Thanks so much for sharing...What an Encouragement!!!

One of the things I struggle with most is Taking Action, when I read stories like yours it Inspires me to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and have all the answers and just TAKE ACTION!

Thank-You! Thank-You! Thank-You! and to quote the famous Archie "GO GO GO!!!"



Randell, you ROCK STAR!!! Life good! Is there any other attitude that I should know about? :)

Randell, that's exactly what I struggled with all along-- waiting for the "perfect" time, to write the "perfect" sentence and produce a "perfect" book. My Ah-Ha moment came at Dan's workshop, when he mentioned that his first product was published in a 3-ring binder. I decided right then and there, that I was going to drop the "perfectionism" and just PRODUCE something tangible.

And to echo Archie-- Go, Randell, Go! Keep me posted on your progress!

You describe the necessary ingredient well - take ACTION! You are an amazing writer. You just needed a little nudge to break out on your own. Keith sent me a picture yesterday of him reading No More Mondays while barefoot skiing. Totally cool. I'll post it on here when I'm back on my computer.


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