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Hello All!  I was hoping I could get some honest feedback from everyone on here about my new venture.

Recently, I decided to start a company (www.beyondschoolwalls.com) that deals with teaching stuff that wasn't taught in school to maximize your  potential.  I spent a decade in the corporate world as a manager, business banker, and financial advisor where I was successful at turning around poor performing divisions.  However, this was never my passion...I was always accomplishing the goals of the organization and not my own.  Now it is my turn.

 Ideally, I would like to monetize the company through three areas; 1) Coaching 2) Group Coaching 3) (coming soon) Seminars/workshops to organizations about accountability, leadership, management and more.

This is a test run of my site and I would like any honest feedback from everyone.


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Just checked your site out as requested.  I am no expert but found it easy to navigate and has a clean layout.  My suggestions:

1.  On the contact page, I would add a phone number and mailing address for contact.  It would be interesting to see other's feedback on this recommendation.

2.  I am guessing you have looked at this so much you can't look at it any more.  Have someone else look at every piece for grammar and miss-used words.  Spellcheck will not catch those.  For example, the last blog re-read the last sentence of the second paragraph.  I found some other situations as I breezed thru the site but did not write them down.  hat were not that many but you don't want any to distract from your message.

Otherwise I felt the site has some very useful free resources.  As I was reading, I had questions but by the time I looked at all the parts of the site you had covered all of it.  Loved the FAQ section.

Best of Luck in your endeavor!



Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback...I really appreciate that.


I will take your advice and get a phone number up on the contact page (great idea).  Also, I do need someone to edit some of the stuff...I am not the best at grammar.


Thanks Again,


First I love your website, the diagonal chalkboard immediately caught my eye.  I do have a couple of suggestions though:

  1. You have two drop down menus that to me look like they do the same thing.  I would pick one and get rid of the other or replace it with something else.
  2. I would add a little color to the website.  You don't have to adorn the entire page with rainbows or anything but a splash of color will give dimension to the page and make it visually more interesting.
  3. Like the drop down menus, you invite people to engage you on various social media sites in more than one place.  I would keep the one on the right of the page but possibly drop the ones on the bottom.

Please don't take the above points as negative.  Overall I feel you did a fantastic job of design for your site.  As someone who has been recently involved is designing a webpage from scratch (twoleftfeetdesign.com) I applaud you on a job well done.



Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to even view my site. It is the first site that I really took the time to develop and wanted to get honest feedback before I go live with some marketing. I agree with you on more color and I do need to stop duplicating some of the things on the site. There is just a learning curve for me to figure all of this out.

Thanks again

I like the simplicity of the the site.  There has been a trend in websites being less flashy and more minimalist so that's great.

Here are my suggestions to make things look better:

1. Add people to your site, people that look successful will give the impression that you will give them that feeling in the picture.

take a look at some of the coaches on the 48Days Endorsed Coaches :http://www.48days.com/coaching/coaches/all-endorsed-coaches/


2. You should have a section that explains the benefits of coaching and explains the coaching process.  Kent Julian's page does a very, very good job on explaining the coaching process.


3. Are you providing a "opt-in" procedure to get people to sign into your site.  Something that says you'll get a free newsletter, updates on the site, or free e-book if they opt in to the site.

4.  Talk less about you and talk more about benefits for the client.

Other than that the site looks great.  Welcome to the world of coaching!  I wish the best.




Thanks for the feedback!  I am definately taking all of the feedback and will be working on updating the site this weekend. 

I appreciate you looking at the site b/c I want to get all of the "kinks" out before I start marketing next week!


Thanks Again,



Hi Travis,

I'll give more feedback later but at a quick glance:

The splash page appears to be your blog. That is a very difficult entry point. It's wordy and folks without an introduction to you will just move on. Consider almost a "sales flyer" as the start up page that conveys the main points clearly, quickly and briefly to grab the audience and then offer them links for the blog and other things.

For some reason, you "logo?" at the top (the chalkboard) is small and crooked. Very underwhelming and I find the angle annoying.

There is also very little color on the page. Even some accent color would help.

More later. I love your concept. I could see you doing special workshops for home schoolers too.



Thanks for the Honest feedback...I was afraid people would just say they like it to avoid confrontation!  I have another logo that I was going to plug in...hopefully that will look better. 


I like your home school workshop idea...never thought of that!




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