Has anyone had any success with a Dropshipping Business for extra income?  Is it a business that is worth the time and effort?  How does it really  work?  Please share your experience.  Thank you, Star

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Hi Star

Drop shipping is only the mechanism for selling a product. the question that needs answering first is what do you want to do? Drop shipping can be lucrative but depending on the "what" the field could be very crowded, which leads to the next question; what makes what you are selling different or better or more desirable than your competitors? 

So before jumping on the dropshipping bandwagon you need to define what you want to do and if it is match for you.

Hope this helps!


Yes Paul it sure did help.  Thanks for your feedback.


Coyped from another forum I just wrote this in

 The way I make $ in drop ship is I house products in my storage in bulk from companys that do not want to mess with the small sales and when they get a order from a small internet company I repakadge and ship. The company sales products to majoir stores like pet smart, target, rayles, skymall, amazon etc. But the smaller internet sales companys that do have a wherehouse to keep and ship product I handle that. Make around $500 or so a month extra just for 20 or 30 mins of work a couple nights a week Never tryed to go big cuz it is not what I love to do but it does provide extra $$ for vacations and stuff. I earn the Shipping and handling charges. plus alittle more from both the company the owns the products and the internet sales site. My family are the inventors of the products so I kinda just fell into it but I am sure there are many more companys out there that could use that service

Hi Derek,

Thats a rather cool idea ....... and it is actually bring in the $$.  What kind of products are you selling?  The idea of stocking up on products did hit my mind but because I am International that presented a bit of a challenge .... or on the other hand I just need to find the right product/s.

Thanks for the feedback.

The web for the products that my family has inveted and I drop ship is goodpetstuff.com. I would have to look up the webs that actully sell them.

But on both sides if u do not have room to store and reship. You could build a store like the ones we ship for and find products from company's that will ship direct to your customer.

I have never tryed to get more products or company's cuz I am more into health and fitness and plan on expanding in that field agan

Sorry I was not able to chat I am at work and forgot my computer on while I was out, but feel free to ask anything. I would love to help cuz I am sure there will be people here that I am going to need some help and ideas from

its pretty competitive and  saturated but if you can find the right product u can make some money 

Hi Mikkel,

Thank you for the feedback.  I completely agree with that.


Star, are you asking about companies where you promote the product and they ship the item? 

Hi Landa,

I was orginally looking for a DS company that would produce inspirational products of my choosing and ship them out by order.  I don't know if there is such a company in the DS world. 

On the other hand if you know of companies as you have mentioned please feel free to share.

Thank you,



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