My recipe to avoid procrastination is trying to be sistematic.
If I wanted to to one thing completely, I'm doing it till I finish. 
Taking small steps is better than leaving everything to the last minute. This way every time you accomplish any of your tasks you can see a progress which motivates you to continue. All you need to do is to be systematic. Create a plan, divide your goals into small tasks. If you are a type who forgets about things, set some reminders. Staying focused on tiny things is much easier than having in mind the big undertaking. 

And what are your solutions?

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Take a Vacation! How many of us cue up our Thoughts and Actions to Shift ? And we hardly duplicate home life for what we do on Vacation. From camping at a friends' to packing a suitcase to driving a different vehicle. Now look at those things that have been dragging you down in I gotta do that! Write it in your NEW Things to do!

There are no solutions. It's a therapy. You need to take small steps to hack your brain and body and learn to push yourself to the limit. Number one thing to get started would be join a one hour workout program, any workout program. You will see how much it can change things for you. If you already are working out, step no.2 would be using a pomodoro timer and extend your attention for that long. 

Procrastination is often a side effect, and possibly necessary component,  of creativity.   In other cases it's about gravitating towards what is easy for self gratification.  If you are procrastinating about something, is it something you fear, or is it something that is too big to accomplish in the time you are allocating to work on it at that moment.  In either case, figure out a way that you can take a first bite of the elephant.  Then another, and another.

This post will help you too! 

Overcoming Procrastination

To-do lists usually work for me.  I find it rewarding to cross items off my list, and even better, to keep working after I finish my to-do list.  Then I feel like I am awesomely productive and like I am working toward a goal just because I feel like it and have motivation.  It's a virtuous circle.  And then there's the opposite, like tonight.  I try to work, but I just keep getting distracted by random ideas, like how it would be silly for a caterer to specialize in catering for bowling teams because bowling food is unbeatable. Today I spent an hour of what is usually productive work time researching recipes for making imitation Hi-C ecto-cooler at home (that could be useful at Halloween parties) and how Taft's Billy Possum never quite caught on like Roosevelt's teddy bear (maybe a fun anecdote to pass the time standing in line on election day, but definitely not productive).  So I guess I need solutions like everyone else.


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