I feel like I need some structure to my marketing efforts... I do it hit or miss (which usually means miss!).


Do you have, or have you seen, an outline or schedule that helps you stay on track with a consistent marketing plan?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I think that's a great idea! I offer accountability for my coaching clients... I need that for myself as well!

Erin, you mentioned earlier that consistency is an issue you're facing. I've started and killed several blogs over consistency, the self-enforced pressure of writing a blog entry once or three times a week always pushed me to kill it. One thing that's really helped me on my most recent blog is to automate my postings. I'll sit down and write two or three blog posts and then schedule them to come out once a week or every 4 days. I still write one or two a week, but I have a few saved up--which takes off the pressure and makes it all easier.
Such a great idea, Robert. I spent the past weekend at a seminar where we talked about marketing. Part of the weekend included a mastermind session where we brainstormed ideas for blogs and content-rich programs... I have about 30 weeks' worth of ideas. Yahoo! Now to start writing and stockpiling!
Great question - I go back and forth on this. I am always learning new things but I do have a schedule of what I want to get done by when .... now that I work for myself, it's all my own choice. Recently, just a week ago, I found out about 48days.net and decided to join here and this was NOT on my schedule but I am making time for it because I know it's going to bring me to a community that is a huge asset and resource and one where I can be useful.
So it's a mix of schedule with some flexibility.
Hope this helps, Erin! But one thing is for sure: Spend at least 1-2 hours a day - at least - to create something new that did not exist before :)!

ERIN:  I love the variety of the comments and suggestions you are getting.  I am about 6 weeks from finishing my first book.  As far as the marketing plan, I found it most helpful to think of the book launch (or the specific date I have planned for the launch) and work backwards.  Creating a"TO DO"  list as to do what, when and calculating how much time it will take to get each task done.  Working backwards made me aware that time is of the essence.  I didn't want to find myself with book in hand and then say OK, how and what do I do to market this product?  


Thanks for the question.  I love reading everyone elses ideas!  


Connie Williams



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