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I couldn't find any group specifically about website design and management on the 48 days community that had been updated at recently.  I would like to start a discussion specifically designed for people like me who have committed to building my own website.  My wife and I have designed a website for our business, www.twoleftfeetdesign.com.  Please post any websites you have designed and want feedback on.  First what do you think of our website?  Specifically, I am looking for three things at this stage:

  1. Is it easy and natural to navigate around the website?
  2. Is the information presented in a somewhat compelling way that makes the product interesting?
  3. Is the color scheme and layout easy to look at and use?

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Hi Tyler,
I checked out your website. I love that all your products are made in the USA! I think that will go far with people.

Some suggestions:
1. Add a cool US flag image to better promote that your shirts are made in the USA, somewhere on the home page. This is a good selling point.
2. Add pictures of your artists on the home page...maybe down the right side? with their names. Make them clickable to go to their bio pages and include current shirts they designed.
3. instead of jumping right into the shirts for sale at the top of the homepage, I think you need to say a little about what you stand for, or a mission statement. Certainly the fact of where you shirts are made and that the artists come from Cleveland. Maybe add a banner image of the Cleveland skyline?

Just my two cents. Good luck!

The Cleveland skyline is an interesting idea

Hi Tyler, you may not have seen the MyWebsiteWorkshop.com group. We're still pretty new, but we're active. And the purpose of the group is, among other things to help people going the DIY route. Come on in and join us!


I tend to like a pinch more color but everything looked nice and crisp and good.

Hi Tyler

I really like your wedding picture on the website - great idea, it made me smile.

As a customer, I like the website look and layout just fine....but before I would buy I would want to see what the style of t-shirt looked like overall.  I  would like to see an example picture of each type of shirt to see how they fit on a person.

$50 dollar purchase = free shipping offer is great and caught my eye right away.



Interesting you said that, we are planning on putting pictures up with models after Christmas.  We were just currently trying to get stuff up for our sanity if you know what I mean.  Thanks for the input.


Great job on the website!  The hardest part is getting something online.  

I have a website group that talks mostly about Wordpress, but most of us are either web designers or wanting to learn more about design, websites, and more.  You can find it here: WordpressWorld

Your video looks GREAT!  It could use some background music to it, but overall it's pretty good.  I really like the depth of field. I also like that you have the free shipping banner in a very easy to view location.

A few things I would recommend.

  • Your header seems a bit large, and your navigation menu seems a bit too small.  Think about a newspaper and having all the important content "above the fold".  Not that all of your Home page content has to be above the fold, but your header takes up a lot of space.  
  • You could easily make your header 150px (instead of 200px), make your menu navigation text and buttons a bit larger (and readable), and minimize the bottom padding down to 15px on the "#pageHeaderWrapper" (this is in your style.css file).

Great input we will act on it right away!

Your site is very nicely done, felt professionally made. I felt very comfortable navigating. Did seem a bit, not sure of the word but def adding some cool artsy stuff on the sides kinda fading away so as not to be too busy? Sorry I have no better criticisms to offer. I think it looks pretty cool. : )

thanks for the feedback, it is nice to know that our work isn't terrible.

Hi Tyler, I just started a new group you might be interested in. Here's the info:

The Free Website Critique group is for 48Days members who want to improve the effectiveness of their website or blog.

Here's how it works...

1. Start a discussion and let me know which site you would like to improve (only one please).

2. You'll receive a reply from me with a link to a short video. This personalized video will be a critique of your website and include specific things you can do to improve* your website.

3. Other members can also watch the video and offer their feedback.

*When I say “improve” I’m referring to increasing your conversion rate. Many people can help you improve the look of your site but I focus on getting people to take action.

To view the group click here.

Hope to see you there!



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