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Hey everyone,

First, I just want to say how excited I am to join the 48 Days community!  This seems like a fantastic network and I'm grateful to be here.  I was hoping I could get some feedback on a business idea I have.

I recently started a poetry blog and have been gaining an okay following, but I want to take it to the next level.  My poems are typically inspirational, religious or motivational and I have been getting a good response from the readers I do have, but I want to reach a wider audience and be able to bring in some profit.  I recently stumbled across this video on Youtube that got my gears turning-


I want to turn some of my most popular inspirational  poems into videos of this nature, with pictures, music etc. and then sell artwork of my poems through zazzle on a variety of products (greeting cards, posters, plaques, etc.)

*See this for an example http://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Double-matted-Watercolor-Graphics-For...

My question is, is there a market for this kind of thing?  Do you think people would be interested in having inspirational/motivational poems in their home?  Could I make of living of this?  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!  

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Hi Alex,

I'm no expert in this area to offer stats etc. but I can tell you that as I researched the Speciality Gift Business several months ago I found out that this line of business is a multi-million dollar business depending on how far you want to take it.  I have developed a passion for doing the same thing since I have been Writing and started Blogging but haven't gotten it of the drawing board yet.  Some how I seem to have a nack to just sit down and write inspiring poetry, etc. 

I would suggest you research, find unique ways to deliver your poetry and go for it.  One unique way is having your short poems printed as puzzles. 

All the best,


Thanks Star!  I had never thought about printing them as puzzles before.  That is a great idea!  Thanks for the feedback, I've definitely been thinking about unique ways to deliver them.  

Hi Alex,

I do think there is a market for this....making a living I don't know. There are Greeting Card writers that make a living. Look at all the people that buy a "Footprints" knick knack of some sort. All the motivational "Hang in There" posters. 

Very good point Ron, as a matter of fact those are two examples I thought of when I was brainstorming this idea.

Another thought Alex that popped into my head (and take it for what it's worth) would be scrapbooking merchandise.  Follow me here for a sec...lots of people--let's be honest women--scrapbook.  Women I know have photos from vacation Bible school, christenings, parochial schools, Bible studies, weddings, anniversaries, retirement shindigs, graduations, Christmas pageants, church picinics, holiday carnivals, etc.  I see scrapbooking paper or stickers with maybe not entire poems but quotes/extracts of your poems.  Like a very pale colour paper with your poetry on the background or as a border in a much darker colour.  You could do different themes--sports, holidays, babies, marriage, school...

I just did a quick Google of "Christian scrapbook supplies" and I was not impressed with the variety I saw.  I'm not a scrapbooker--I have in the past and have no patience for it--but I know quite a few of them and there would definitely be a niche market for that.  That could help you generate a couple streams of income.

Annie, I think that is a fantastic idea! I think what discourages me a bit is just seeing what kind of sales quota's I would have to make in order to make a decent living (or "knock it out of the park" as Dan would say...) so finding ways to repurpose them for different audiences and niches seems to be a great way to go to bring in multiple streams of income.  Thank you so much for your feedback.  


I am referring to Annie's last reply on this. If you were able to make it an online presence you could meet your sales quota for making a living and exceed it by making it residual income.

Ron, I really appreciate the encouragement!  I think I have an idea of what I'm going to do.  Thanks for your feedback :)

Very good points Nate, and you are exactly right.  Why aim small?  Why not go big?  I appreciate the words of encouragement.  Thanks to the added "go get ems!" from this great community, I have a plan and am excited to move forward.  Thanks for your comment!

Alex here is a good blog on why to aim small at first. 


There is a market that is for sure. Just looking at a sight like Etsy.com and you will start find things right away. 

Have fun with this!

K, bye

Great article, thanks Christopher.  


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