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Hello All - Over the years I've applied many of Dan's concepts and am in a pretty good place right now.  I'm considering branching out into an area that really interests me - and that I have success and experience in but just haven't approached in this way. I'll answer more questions and expand if anyone is interested, but in a nutshell here's my question - Regarding the info provided below, is there a business in here somewhere?  e-book, coaching, simply continuing the services I already provide (but how do I expand my target audience)? I have many years of experience, a terrific reference list, and this is my favorite part of my work. Any ideas on how to leverage the business I already have but in a fresh way?  By all means direct me to a different category if I should post elsewhere.  Thanks!

Here's what I do:

I have over 25 years experience in space planning and design. One of my favorite things is to work with clients to develop concept studies and presentation materials that they then use to build support for interior building programs and renovation projects (I work a lot with churches and with physicians/medical clinics - 2 seemingly diverse groups that have surprisingly similar needs). My clients usually have a dream, but are stuck and don't know how to determine feasibility - or how to communicate it clearly to decision makers. My packages include evaluating their program and developing innovative space plans that respect fire and accessibility codes, concept drawings, graphical presentation drawings, 3d renderings, PPt presentations, etc.  I can provide an initial set to begin to build excitement for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on scale and scope - once I start working with a client, they almost always keep working with me to flesh out and develop these concepts, often progressing to simple 'pricing drawings' that they can give to a contractor to see what an approximate construction cost will be (and if they can proceed, or need to reel it in, or even approach as construction 'phases'). I know how to capture and communicate the essence of their needs at every stage, while staying within their budget, and guide them along the way - including assisting the transition to an architect if/when needed. I am very fortunate that I have clients who keep coming back - they like my creative yet practical approach, and value the 'product' I provide. If I can get a face-to-face meeting with a potential client, I usually walk away with a project.  

Any thoughts? I've even considered an e-book or other product approach that gives churches etc an idea of where to start.  Many of my clients start out very confused - and a big chunk of what I do initially is coach them on steps they can take to get moving and how they can use and build upon resources that they already have available.   I love the idea of Dan's 'SWIS' dollars...

Thanks in advance -

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Hi Jamie, great creativity here! From what you explained, it sounds like writing an e-book/ creating products (I consider them one and the same) would be a great move and expansion on what you already do. No need to create a new business - you already have a platform! Dan Miller has great resources on writing and product creation, Kent Julian does too: http://liveitforward.com/how-to-write-a-book-get-it-published-and-s... 

A book/product is a great way to expand your reach to those not in your physical market. From what you said about the in-person work you do today, this is a great way to get in front of many more people. You could start by picking either audience, church or medical offices. Pick one, and gear that book only to that audience. You can then market to that audience. If you enjoy that, then you can do the same thing over again, to the other audience. 

Keep us updated!


Thanks for the reply Stephanie.  And thank you for reading through my post!  I's so hard to try to give a snapshot of 'what you do' that has enough detail to frame a question without it becoming cumbersome.

Anyway, good suggestion to target one group at a time.  I'm leaning toward trying an ebook.... probably would go with the Church market first for a number of reasons not the least of which is that there seems to be a real need... combined with a lack of financial resources but generally an abundance of talent and other intangibles that can be great if they can be harnessed.  That's both the challenge and the satisfaction of working with churches.

I just joined the Write-It-Forward group and will take a look around.

Have your current clients indicated how another type of resource may help them? Have you thought about asking them? There are multiple channels to consider: create your eBook, turn that ebook into an online course, start speaking on your topic, etc. 

And if you're interested in partnering with someone, you may want to check out the services of The Rocket Company. They cater to growing churches and this might be something they're interested in. Sometimes merging with someone else's platform is a great option.

Thank you Justin - I'm very interested in partnering and will explore that option - will look into The Rocket Company and others.


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