copyright original art music and words before or after release?

Hey 48 days fellow members, I need to pick your brain on a few things, not too difficult i hope but well beyonc my experience...should i put out a copyright on original songs before i release them or wait till they are successful? Should i even worry about it? Last question, is it possible to get one blanket copyright to cover all the songs and music/art/words due to a financial limitation or should one get seperate copyrights?

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Whoops... beyonc = beyond and here is a sample of what im working on to see what you think.. i havent figured out words yet but dealing with things all accross the board. Charlie don't surf is about the one who led people in the seventies to do unthinkable acts


Hi Nate,

Though my knowledge of music is very limited, I know this much: I really enjoyed this song. Its got a nice fast pace to it. It's an interesting mix. It makes me want to do something! I don't know what it makes me want to do but something :). 

to me it is almost tribal lol thank you Izmael

cool.  thank you.  very helpful

where should i go for more info on it?



Susan's advice is right on.  Just follow that.


A copyright is the legal protection for patterns, board games, newspapers, articles, books, music, computer software, plays, poetry, movies, maps and drawings – among many other things.  As opposed to patents and trademarks, a copyright exists automatically upon the creation of the work.  I know this is hard to understand, but if you write a book, no registration is necessary for it to be copyrighted.  Copyright originates automatically and immediately when the work is created.  And yes, you can use the © symbol just to remind anyone that copyright protection is being claimed on this work.  (Incidentally, I am pulling these symbols from “Insert” on the Microsoft Word toolbar at the top of the page.  It’s easy to pick and insert any symbol you need.

Copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus 50 years and need no renewal.  Here’s the link for the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office:  http://www.copyright.gov/

Thank you Dan and I have a feeling that the © symbol and I will begin to be friends after all.

Nate, "Charlie Don't Surf" is a song by The Clash, on their 'Sandanista' album.  Doesn't sound anything like yours, but you might want to consider a name change to avoid confusion.

Thanks Jeff. Lol theres bound to be confusion somewhere but yes thank you for letting me know about that. I will see what happens


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