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Hi all,

Do you work with a copywriter to help you craft your social media messages?

I don't mean everyday messages, of course, but when you launch a new product or want to announce some special activity. 

If so - where do you find them and how much should I expect the service to cost?

My wife, the owner of the business, is active on facebook and often posts pictures of the various items she baked. However, when the time comes to market a specific item (e.g. the upcoming holiday treats or a workshop she's working on) we struggle to find the right words. 

I think we can use some professional help. I would like to work with a copywriter to craft a dozen or so "templates" to use, where we can plug in the item we want to promote and its description. One message would prompt a quick action for an upcoming event, another would emphasize a top quality product, and such.

What do you think?

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Hey Ofir,

Funny thing how life works. I just sent you an email this morning at like 4 am my time and then I this post a couple hours later. 

Anyway, do you have some examples of people doing this? or some copy that you really like? 

Hi Allan,

Not sure I understand your question. Can you please clarify?

Do you have some examples of someone who is using templates for their social media offerings? Or is there some particular copy that you like. This helps someone be able to understand the type of "voice" you want to portray in your messages. 

I don't know who or if uses such templates in social media but I assume it can be done.

Do you craft all of your messages yourself? are you satisfied with them?

I know we're not. Possibly because both of us are not native English speakers. 

I personally do all of my social media posts. I am usually satisfied with them. Do you have an example of an ad you'd like to place? I would be more than happy to go over it with you and give you some pointers. If you post it in the thread I'm sure others would also give input. 

I sent an email to you. Lets set up a time to talk online and we can definitely also go over lots of other strategies. 

Best of luck my friend. I know you guys have the skills in the baking arena. The pictures of your wife's creations made me hungry!! 

Hi Ofir,

Here is a very helpful session we did with Ray Edwards that may help you as well.


Best wishes as you move forward!!!

Thank you, Jen!

I'll be sure to listen 

In the past, I have used a copyrighter to write product descriptions for my online store.  I found her on upwork.com.  I started out by trying to find the cheapest and it didn't work out that well.  The product descriptions they wrote sounded very spammy.  For copyrighting I would choose someone that is very familiar with the English language.  You will pay more but the quality will be worth it.  You will also want to be very detailed in what you are expecting and supply them with examples. 

Thank you, Michael! I will check that site

I understand what you mean by 'spammy' descriptions to avoid. May I ask if you paid as a project or by the hour?

With that  particular subcontractor, I paid her by the hour.  A writer that I use now,  I pay by the project.  

When looking for a writer on upwork, I filtered using the following criteria:

* Must have at least a four star.
* Must be based in the US.


I would reach out to John Henderson from Lifewisefuture. He is killing it in the client connection arena. He is a good friend and would take good care of you. Shoot him an email: Lifewisefuture@gmail.com  or just let me know and I'd be happy to make the introduction. 


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