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48Days.net will be closing as it is today on November 30, 2017. Until then current members can click the button below to access groups and resources.

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We get plenty of traffic to our website, but not a sturdy amount of commenting.  I would love to do a comment swap with anyone interested, if you leave a comment on any article, I'll leave a comment on your site as well!  Feel free to let me know of a particular post you'd like an extra comment on :0)




The blog topics range from specific to very general.  There is uplifting, nonsense, and some scolding every once in a while!

If anyone would please let me know how to secure more comments, I would apprecaite some direction.  I wonder if it is because I do not ask open-ended questions at the end of each post?  I have tried to create content that has something to say, but can be quickly and easily consumed, so that you can get on your way.

Please enjoy your reading and I look forward to doing the same!


Michelle Read :0)

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Thanks Lisa!  Love love love what you do....I appreciate the pointers.  I will begin working on that, and am hoping that it will work well with the email newsletters I am putting into play also.  So excited!  And thanks again :0)

While asking for comments here will help, Michelle, I'm not sure I see the purpose. It'll be short lived to get a few, then that's the end of the road.

I'm wondering what comments get you. They certainly don't make you any money or help spread the word. They do give you a bit of short term credibility.

I'd rather see you doing what it takes to convert that traffic to engage with you. When I visit your site, I have a hard time finding your blog. I'm wondering if the rest of your traffic has that problem. 

The posts I checked out were great, but I don't see much reason to engage if I'm one of your readers. They're very informative, but you have to give me a reason to comment, to go further and talk to you.

Ask questions at the end of your posts to engage with readers. The last thing you need is someone leaving a simple comment that says "great post." It doesn't do anything except, perhaps, stroke an ego.

I'd like to see you create a call to action on every page and entice your readers to engage with you.

Oh thank goodness, more direction!

I thought this might be the case, here is a quick bit of info:  I started the blog to be very basic at first.  I have some big things planned, including a book coming out and speaking engagements planned for later this year.  But for starters, I wanted to see if there even WS an audience out there, and if I would be able to deliver anything worth reading to them.  Once I found out that there was, I found myself too scared to ask questions for reader involvement.  I feared what I have found on many other sites, where there is an obvious call to action, and only one comment in response.

I realize we all have to start somehwere, but didn't want to "virtually" embarrass myself and my eventual brand with minimal participation.  Is this a common feeling for bloggers?  Or should I just dig in and get more meaty with the content and let it be what it will be.

Up to now, I have tried to keep the content vague at best, with enough of a message to cause people to read the next one.  I appreciate your direction, and will also not put as much weight on securing more and more and more comments, if it's not needed.  Fantastic, thank you.

I have to agree with Justin.  As a first time visitor to your site, I am confused. The homepage needs some call to action, something that lets me know I'm in the right place. Your homepage should let the reader know instantly what your site is about and what to do next. Your largest chunk of real estate is devoted to photos of buildings and I'm missing the correlation. Maybe it's just me not being familiar with you, but again, I'm a fist time visitor.

I think comments are important because they let new readers know that others find your content valuable. It's instant social proof. There are times I will read a blog simply because so many others have and I want to know what is so interesting. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

You have a lot of good content, keep working on engaging those readers!

Good luck.

Wow - thank you.....I will work on the site within the next couple of days.  Until recently, I had been aiming the format of the blog toward people who already know me.  They know what I'm about and how i think.  Not so with new readers and I didn't realize that it would be difficult to navigate.  My apologies, but, you learn something new every day right!

Unlike many of the other websites and blogs of the entrepreneurs working with 48days.net, my website was not intended to scream "Hey!  My goal is _____!  My business is ______!"  It's more of a place to waste some time, get to know me slowly, and hopefully stumble across some encouragement.  I don't want my readers to feel like they are being sold to, because they're not.


I GREATLY greatly appreciate the insight, and will begin work on the mentioned suggestions ASAP.  God bless you and yours and have a great rest of the week!

I don't think your blog is hard to navigate, just not sure where to start or what to do. And it's fine if your site is intended to be a place to waste time and get to know you. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just suggesting that you let the reader know that. "Hey, I'm Michelle and I muse for fun and to make you smile." or whatever you want to say. It will help the right readers instantly connect with you and from there you can entertain/inspire them. Glad I was able help.

Looking it over right now....I hope everyone checks back soon to let me know if I do any good.  Again, thanks :0)  That's a great idea, I will try to put that in a widget on the homepage.

Hi there,

Swell idea ...... I visited with you and read Not A Momma and surely enjoyed it ..... think it ended too quickly tho ..... lol.  Not that is definately a topic I can relate on ...... I left you a comment so I'll love for you to come on over and join me at




AC Facebook






Now I have to go back and look at prepping your garden. :)


Merry Blessings,


By the way Michelle,

I am one who love to give support and leave comments when I find the need to but I do agree with Justin somewhat and for that reason for the past two weeks I have been trying out Disqus which is just for that  purpose.  I am still learning and trying to figure it all out but somehow it will get you alot of traffic using the comments people leave on your Posts.  You can look it up on youtube as well to find intro videos.  By the way if anyone here can share some tips on effectively using Disqus for Blogger please send me a few.  Thank you.


I appreciate you including the link!  I have used Disqus on other's sites numerous times, but didn't realize it was something I could use.  I will check that out!

And also, I did post some comments on your site!  My favorite was seeing the Armor with all the pictures that go with each item.  It just made me smile the whole day, and every day since :0)  Something that hits close to home with us.  Thank you for your comments, also.  I love getting to know people and what they are all about!


I like the setup of your blog and just posted a comment on the January 1 post. Keeping up with my daily devotional is one of my goals this year. So simple, yet sometimes so difficult in practice with the busyness of life.  A great point of emphasis for 2012!

You can find my blog at www.profitdriversconsulting.com/blog.  Most of my posts are business and sales related, but I recently wrote a personal post with a look back at 2011. If anyone is going through a rough time or looking for a little inspiration, hopefully it might help a litte.



Stephen, thank you so much!  As you already know via email, I've added your website to my phone home screen :0)  I really enjoyed all the posts I've read so far, and I especially like how you came to the decision to move.  It came out of a difficult place, and was a great decision for your growing family.  Please let me know how I can better leave comments there......looking forward to following your journey!  God bless!


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