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Looking for some advice on a career change. Currently I am in a dead-end job. Let me explain, it's not the job that I dislike but the company and its practices. The job that I have, I am very good at. I get to meet different people and go into different households each day installing satellite TV. I have been doing this now for 3 years but the company I am employed at truly has no morals when it comes to employees. without going into details i truly feel God is telling me it's time to leave. I've done all that I could there and it's time to move on, this is where the advice is needed. I have a few things that I truly enjoy doing, First I love preaching, I'm a lay preacher but I feet the Lord is calling me to do more preaching for Him. Second I feel it's time to get back into the sales field. I had very good success in the past and have been out of the sales force for about 4 years. My question is do I leave my job which is in a very fragile state right now, not knowing if I'll have a job the next day. With working 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week it makes it very hard to find other opportunities.

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Great question Joseph.  By the way, I know you are in a position that you may not enjoy, but I am super excited that you have come to the realization you need a change.  I would look at this as an exciting journey because 6 months from now you are probably going to be in a different place and you will then be able to encourage others that are in the position you are experiencing now.

Here is how I look at your present situation.  As of right now you are in the process of discovering what you are good at which should eventually bring you into "what do you really want to do?".  I would be very hesitant to just up and quit until you at least outlined a great plan that will be replacing your income within a short period of time.  I do not know if it is possible, but Could you ask work to reduce your hours?  This would give you more time to prepare to transition.

I noticed that you state that you do installs in homes, I would be guessing that means you have some time in a car by yourself.  Take that time to begin filling your mind with encouraging content.  Whether that is brainstorming, listening to podcasts (that is what I did), or other ways of devouring content that is going to help you transition I would take advantage of every minute you have. 

Remember that even at 12hrs a day for 6 days a week they have only 72 of your 168 Opportunities(hours) every week.  I will admit that is a lot and more than I would like, but you may have to sacrifice a few things in the present to reap the rewards in the future. 

I love the fact that you are interested in sales.  Companies are always looking for individuals that can make them more sales.  Just identify companies that you would like to work for even if they seem like they are not hiring. More than liekely your next job may not require as much demand on your time and may then allow you to do more preaching (which may increase your income as well).

In summary since you are identifying what interests you and what you are good at, look for those places that you may want to work for and create a transition plan.  Sell yourself to them, because once you have a plan in place, I have a feeling things will come together for you much better.  Let me know if you have more questions!! 

ARGH! You stole the "automobile university" advice before I could get it to him! :-P

I forgot how great podcasts were able to help me as well. Good advice!

Thank you for your reply, it's really great to have support from 48 days friends. you have given much to thinmk about and I will be working on keeping on track. I never really thought about the hours as being opportunities, truly something to put into action. Looking forward to start working on a transition plan. thanks again for your prompt response and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with my successes.


Joseph thank you!  I am very excited for you sir I think you are going to experience something great.  Not saying it will be easy all of the time, but you have a great attitude going into this and once your mind is right the other things are going to fall into place ;-)

Joseph, yeah that's tough. Doing something you enjoy and are good at does not mix with not believing in the company you work for. I believe our passions and what we do best starts with WHO we are serving. If you had a heart for the people you were serving and could get behind their mission and morals, just imagine how much more outstanding you would be for the,.

This question is all about your own personal risk level. How would your life be if you didn't have a job right now, or if they yanked the rug out from under you today?

Sometimes, people live and breathe being under pressure, and that gets them to make things happen, such as find a need, create a product, and sell it... But a lot of times starting a business or finding another good position takes a lot longer than our budget will last us. If you know it would cause more stress and turmoil in your life without a job, then make the transition as gradual and smooth as you can. 

Yes, you're working 10 to 12 hours a day, so that's 60 to 72 hours a week. You might sleep 56 hours a week, or if you're like most sleep deprived Americans, you're getting 28 to 36 hours of sleep a week. But regardless we get 168 hours week... Minus 72 hours of work that gives you 96 hours to sleep and play... Minus 56 hours of sleep, and you still have 40 hours a week to decide how you want to invest that... 40 hours is a lot of time... If you can find out what those hours are, and promise yourself that you can at least begin by investing 5 hours a week into your new direction then that's definitely better than nothing, and you'll be surprised how far that will get you in the next few months.

Hope this helps! It's all about being Intentional with your day, and how you can Invest every waking hour... You can get there, and if I can help you get there let me know! I'd love to help...

By the way... I just read Peder's awesome response to your question as well, and looks like we're in sync. That was a great load of nuggets... You can do this Joseph, let us know what you think or how it goes!

Thanks Rob, I like the phrase "being intentional with your day" You've given me food for thought and i really appreciate that. It's great to have support online like the 48 days family.

Thanks again


Great stuff Rob! Thanks for doing the rest of the math ;-)


Joseph, I can’t improve on anything that Peder or Rob said. Great advice from both of them. The only thing you must do is determine for yourself to act. The ball is in your court brother! Let us know how your journey goes.

From brother to brother, don't jump into ministry to avoid another job. If you are able to do ministry well without being full-time, my perspective is to continue that course (unless, perhaps, you join up with a church with multiple staff and a clear understanding of working as a team). I just got hired for a part time job, which, Lord willin' (and the creek don't rise:-P ) will allow me to work more part time for the church and enable them to grow the ministry financially while at the same time some of my less important work can be delegated.

With that being said, if you don't feel comfortable with morality at your work, then there is no way I would look to stay there. It sounds like you have outstanding skills with people through speaking and sales. These are excellent. If you train to do a proper job search you should be able to find some good opportunities.

If possible, I would get a copy of Dan Miller's Dream Job Nightingale-Conant program or the audio form of 48 Days to the Work You Love and listen to one of these while you drive for your job. Take notes (once you are parked ^.^ ). Also, if you can afford picking up Ziglar's See You at the Top, I highly recommend that one as well for inspiration.

Start with the right question also: Don't ask, "Can I do this?" Ask, "How can I make this happen." (With God's help!)

I hope all goes well for you Joseph. He made us to do work that fits us and fulfills us. I hope you find that dream job soon!

I continually remind myself who I am working for, GOD, he's the true boss. I do believe he allowed to have my current jopb for a reason and I was able to be witness to a number of guys, but I truly feel He's now telling me it's time to move on. Thanks for all the advice from the 48 days family, it really seems like it's a family because the advice comes from the heart and minds of those who truly care. thanks again and will keep in touch with my progress.

Lord bless you all


"don't jump into ministry to avoid another job" words of wisdom my friend, I almost did that at one time! It would have been a poor decision.


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