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Hello 48 days community!

I'm looking for ideas on how I could make money by watching TV/Movies? If that involves blogging or using YouTube or any other method. I'm trying to brainstorm ways that I can use my hobby/passion of Film and critiquing film to make money.

Ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the info! I've downloaded some episodes of his podcast and look forward to hear what he has to say.

Hi Caleb,

Well, I don't know about film and TV, but my 16 year old son spends a lot of time watching/listening to gaming podcasts, has attended a convention where the podcast hosts are celebrities, and has certain guys and teams that he follows. They certainly have their fan base, and some of them make a living doing it, although they have taken years to build their following. But it is a great side hobby. I don't see why it wouldn't work with film too, why not? 

People in the generation from teen to twenties, maybe thirties (comments anyone?) aren't watching TV but are on You Tube. They have shows they follow, like a podcast. I've asked my son why he doesn't start a show, he is so knowledgeable about games, theory, storyline etc., and here is what he said makes the guys who do this successful, they have an focus, something that makes them special, noticeable, they are funny, they have a niche,or they are a team that works well together. You have to have a unique angle that makes people want to watch you - you're funny and knowledgeable.

My son got three signatures of these various "stars" at a convention. Why wouldn't this work with movies? Maybe it has, I haven't researched it.  If you aren't just another rating review channel or website, but have commentary, knowledge of directors, storyline etc, and you are funny, engaging, you hype up the newest movie coming out - like Rogue One, you focus on Sci Fi - whatever, I think it could be fun and potentially gain a following. You essentially are a persona that is a fanboy, and have to sell it that you are passionate about film or TV shows. This isn't like Plugged In where they explain content - it is excitement about the newest (or old classic) movies, giving background, details etc. to enrich the conversation.

Why not try?

Here are some of the gaming guys I know about - oh, you do need a nickname. :) 

The Completionist - his angle is his dad wouldn't let him buy a new game when he was a kid, until he finished the old one, so he has completed many games. There's ProJared, Peanut Butter Gamer, and I know my son used to follow Rhett and Link who do a variety show. I've seen them in educational videos explaining science and commercials. They've really branched out. Maybe by looking at these guys who have a successful podcast and/or You Tube following for gaming, you can gain some insight into doing this for film and TV. I think you need to pick film OR TV though. 

That is my limited knowledge on the subject. I hope this was helpful.


Making money by watching movies and TV is completely doable.  It's possible to turn almost anything into a business (consider that there are people who make a living by building backyard ice hockey rinks; there is a niche for everything).  As Lisa said, you can definitely make a YouTube channel of your film and TV critiques.  I love hearing people's opinions about movies.  There are lots of movie and TV discussion channels on YouTube, and I can guarantee that you, on your first try, will be better than a good many of them.  One of the last things Roger Ebert wrote on his blog before he died was that, thanks to the Internet, anyone can be a film critic.  His advice to aspiring movie critics was just to get your critiques out there online.  I, for one, will totally watch your YouTube movie and TV commentary videos.  Please send us a link when you upload them.

There are these guys making millions from the show " The Walking Dead" 

Pat Flynn just interviewed them. Take a listen: https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts/the-epic-origin-story-b...

This was an interesting topic for me, even though I don't watch the show. Just how they went about it was fascinating. 

Hi Caleb, I just love that you are thinking about this--what an awesome question.

Dan has shared in the past how there was a guy who wanted to read history books all day. He was experiencing burnout and his wife asked him what he would like to do, if he could do anything he wanted. "Read history books all day was his reply." That is precisely what he does now--into a recorder and sells the information to home school groups.

If the dream is there, so is the way my friend.



you did say brainstorming.... what about an exercise program related to shows.... one friend used to run and do her chores during commercials.... how about exercise during commercials fitness program?   There's a cook book about Little House on the Praire recipes... How about a cookbook related to your fav show or movies?


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