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I have been a member of 48Days for about a year and have been searching for an opportunity that fit my skillset for some time now and I believe that as we live in the world of technology today that the use of technology has been greatly underutilized in the majority of most churches specifically because they think it’s too expensive or just don’t know how to go about it. I work in a secular job as a Network Administrator and understand the process for developing technology solutions and would like to begin to introduce them into the church environment with a spin on the fact that technology doesn’t have to be seen or apparent so as not to distract the worship experience in order to be a great benefit in ministering to others inside and outside the church, I’m not just talking about putting up a website here, much more. I also have done a variety of volunteer work in churches in the way of sound technology, new sound systems, projection systems, I have built two very nice custom sound booths from the ground up, the actual platforms and surrounds not just the equipment and would like to offer churches the full technology/custom sound booths/steaming video/custom sound system integration/projection technology/ a way to utilize your iPod, iPad, and android tablets in church without it being a distraction/custom controls remotely from the pulpit for sound video, etc... And advertising solutions to meet all the churches needs in integrating them into the community in which they live and help them show a real presence that will draw people to want to check out what they have to offer. I would like some feedback regarding your feelings on integrating more in the way of technology into the church environment, there are a few companies out there doing this but with more of a secular twist not with the understanding of the need to enhance the worship experience without it becoming a distraction from the true purpose of bringing others closer to Christ.

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Hi Jeff, I am looking to do similar work in my area I have been working with sound and video systems for the past 15 years , audio is what I started with and is still my fav., I have done just a touch of network stuff but I'm not very knowledgeable in that area just enough I can usually  find my way through. 

I have seen some shady dealings in Companies I have worked for in the past and don't believe that is needed.

How is it going for you?


I am still in the process of developing the offerings, A to Z type services and coming up with more each day it seems that will be avaialable for clients to choose from as well as creating some evangelistic tools that can be used by the members of the church in electronic media formats to help churches reach out to thier communuity and cause a draw of new visitors. I am still looking for the perfect website registration, URL, that feels right for this future opportunity. I have recently come back from Joplin after the tornado and see so much devestation, a close friend and his family was in their church in the midst of the tornado at the time and he said their were so many churches that would need to start over again and it would be a great opportunity to bring them into the 20th century technology wise and help them plan for the future and provide them with technology solutions that can help them reach out to the members of their community during this time of rebuilding. Many more opportunities seem to be out their as well with this if you can understand the goals that the churches are trying to accomplish in reaching out to their community.


I hope to have a new product, electronic media/evangelistic tool as a startup offering to get this opportunity rolling in the next 6-9 months and just go from there. I have done some of this type work in the past, but am now thinking larger with lighting systems software implemetations, sound audio and video offerings, streaming media solutions for the smaller churches and feel confifdent this is finally my calling in life, seems to be where my training has led me.


I think that you could do well as an established business in this line of work, especially if you can put the needs of the customers/churches ahead of your own God will bless the opportunities that you will have. One thing that I have learned through the years is that you can do amazing things that you never dreamed of if you just make a start and trust God which is the hardest part it seems. I encourage you to pursue the opprtunity because I dont see a lot of companies that provide this kind of service to the church that is not out to make a huge proifit from them, I believe the opportunity to make money is here but it's also a ministry to the church and a chance to help others draw closer to God and if you approach it from that standpoint your priorities will be inline with God's word and he has to prosper it.

Jeff, you might want to check out this product. They have had some success, but would like to see the concept take off.  http://www.samepagemusic.com/Plan/Splash.aspx

 Your idea is a great innovation. but do let us know when it shall be ready for commercial purpose.

We are embarking on a new church building.

Hi Egbujuonuma, the SamePage product was developed and has been sold for the past 2-3 years. The CEO has moved on so the employees are driving the sales. I would suggest if you are interested to either call Toll-Free Phone: 1.877.211.0610 or email them at sales@samepagemusic.com. They could take you through a demo.

Interesting idea. If you are leaning toward equipment sales and installation, my feeling is that it is a tough market since your clients tend to be scattered over a wide geographic area, many types of equipment have little markup and are commodities, and churches are always looking to do things on the cheap. As an add-on to an existing business, equipment sales could be a decent moneymaker, especially if you don't have to maintain inventory.

A church large enough to need your services likely has an in house "expert" and one too small for that, likely doesn't want to spend more than a few hundred dollars. There are lots of exceptions though.

My feeling is that the best opportunities lie in personal consulting or publishing guides.

It is tough for a church to have someone in, pay for thousands of dollars in consulting fees and then not have the project go anywhere. I would think about a pay-only-if-you-are-satisfied plan, at least for new clients.

You could offer a free phone consult too.

As I write this, I'm thinking of my in-laws church in SW MO. They are a blue collar church, have very conservative music and are needing a new sound system for an auditorium that seats around 350-400. There are people in the church who could easily run cables. They are expecting to pay $40,000 for a complete new system including a sound board.


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