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In an effort to make my side business more personal with those that might buy from me I was thinking about doing a daily statement… either promoting something that I’m working on, something I found interesting or funny, or just random statements and greetings to allow people to see my personality and try to connect with people on a different level.  After all, if you have 3 people that all sell a similar thing at a similar price, why should they buy from me?  I want to give them a reason to pick me, perhaps because I’m fun??!!  Who knows.  But I was wondering what is the best way to do this. 


I don’t want to do it on my website, because that is too static and not so easy to quickly update.  So I was thinking that I could do it on my Facebook page, set up a twitter page, or get a blog page.  


Which way do you think is the best to do this?   The idea is to sell my personality first, and my products second.


Thanks for the input!



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Read and do "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk -- or listen to the audio book read by him, which is what I did.


He'll pump you up and give you all the info you need in this area.

As a fellow woodworker (much more amateur than your work, I see), I was intrigued by your post. I too, have considered how difficult it can be to market handmade woodcraft. I checked out your site and impressed by your beautiful work! 

Regarding your suggestions for making your business more personal through a daily statement, almost any positive exposure can be good exposure. I do believe, however, that you would need to be careful not to be "just annoying." We have all experienced the pesky salesperson who just won't leave us alone or the multi-level marketing person who is always in our face about their "deal." 

You can overcome this by always keeping in mind the specific goals of informing, educating or entertaining. (The last of the quad for promotion, I understand, is outrage, but in marketing wood work, this doesn't sound like a good idea! lol!) While entertaining would infuse personality, I'm not entirely convinced that would draw potential buyers to your site unless you found a creative way to tie the two together.

Just a few thoughts... 



While you certainly could promote your business through Facebook or Twitter, I don't think you should give up on the idea of using your site to publish daily things.  If I were you, I have create a separate blog page, and use wordpress as your blogging software.  Therefore your blog would be at http://handmadewoodgifts.com/blog.


By adding WordPress to your site, you could post daily pictures of the work you are doing and write a paragraph or two about the project.  Then you could have each post automatically tweeted to Twitter and Facebook.




Facebook Fan page.  Use this instead of your personal page.

You can also open a Twitter account and use Twitter to update the fan page...this puts you in another "pond."


"Crush It" is a great resource, but get the audio version...Gary Vee riffs off on even more great stuff there.


I disagree, so would Gary. Just don't post anything overly personal. Gary's book is all about building your personal brand. Why separate the two? Unless of course your business stands alone from services offered.


Actually, a business page (formerly a fan page) would be the way to go.  I believe Gary makes that distinction in his book too.  


It's important to have a presence on facebook if that's where your market it, but you should also have a page for your business or brand.  I make sure my clients have both.


You're limited to only 5,000 connections on your personal account (at some point you will hit that) but you have no limit on you biz page.  


Also, you can't message more than 25 people at a time or segment your list on your personal page.  Gary does have a page set up for his brand on facebook and that's 100% the way to go.  

Great idea and question...I am curious to see some of the answers you get. My personal opinion is to put it on your website, but I know you mention that is challenging. My reason is that is where I want my visitors to come to AND back to since I have a E-commerce site. I am learning quickly that getting visitors is fairly tough, getting return visitors is even tougher.

Good luck.

Rory Tipton



Have you thought about DailyBooth?  You can connect Twitter, Facebook & DailyBooth together and have three posts by submitting one.  I have it setup to where if I post something on Twitter then its automatically forwarded to Facebook and DailyBooth (DB).  It would be neat if you did videos showing your work, maybe one showing you create your art, etc.  

Well I went ahead and started a blog today.  I have it through wordpress and it updates to my webpage and my facebook page.  It only gives a preview on my webpage so I felt I needed to put a link to it as well.  But we'll see how it goes!





Set up seperate FACEBOOK/TWITTER pages especially for your business. Then Post Daily! Ask all your friends to add it then ask them to suggest to their friends. Definetely do funny posts wood facts or even thoughtful ones that are connected to wood. "What did one tree say to the other tree? I wish you would leaf me alone!" What kind of wood barks? Dogwood! 

Also post pics and descriptions of items you have for sale.

Go through friends of friends and add 10 new friends a day if it will let you. Even if only one accepts a day thats 7 potential customers a week.

Way to get cracking on this!


I'd do just what you're making happen.  Use your blog as your home base, but don't expect people to just show up.  Go to where they are.  It might be facebook, twitter, or linkedin.  It might also be in a community like 48days.net.


Post your updates through those other sites to draw traffic back to your site.  Be involved in those places by answering relevant questions and people will make the trek to check you out.

Hi Derik

This may be a little off the mark, but I think it addresses the same issue. One thing I see happening with quite a few people on forums such as this one (and most of the others I belong to) is a frame of mind that they have out grown the forum. If someone comes to a community like this to seek some advice, information or motivation to get started , or pointed in the right direction, they will soon find it. Then they stop using the same wesite communities that helped them grow. Soon they hit a wall and end up back on the forums, looking for ways to get over it.

The best place to post is where ever you are posting now. That would be here,  other forums you belong to and your website. I tried to re-invigorate the Born To Win In Sales group here at 48 days. I don't know what happened to the members, but most haven't had activity in months, or years. How sad. First they got what they wanted and left, offering nothing in return to those that helped them. second, when they do come back (and they do) they have no texture or depth to thier membership here. We all want to see the members in this community and the others we belong to hit the goals they have set. We also want to be encouraged by their journey and share in the victory. To withhold that shows an "I am only in it for me" attitude and shows that one still has some growing to do.

thefishwalkpodcast.com is my podcast and I "plug " it proudly. As a member of 48 Days I have shared my victories and my defeats. I do the same at about 5 other forums. I am also consistent at posting and try to give backmmore than I take.

I hope this helps,

Tom Ballard



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