Ok, I haven't been involved with 48days.net like I should. I hopping to get more people involved that have experience in the the auto repair industry. I was following a discussion and flipping cars but seems to have disappeared. I put a note in the suggestion box but had not gotten a reply. In you search the internet you can find a lot of negative stories from automotive technicians about this career.
What do 48days members think about when their vehicles need repairs? 1 - 10, with 10 being very satisfied with the repair shop. What do you dislike the most.
Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Richard,

I have a blog and podcast where I talk about my experiences flipping cars at 3HourFlip.com. I know many auto repair technicians that effectively flip cars as an additional income stream so that might be an option for you.

If you are interested in getting into the auto repair business I'd recommend reaching out to auto repair shop owners that are a couple towns away. You'll likely get honest feedback about the business as long as you make sure they know you won't be opening your business in their customer base area. And if you have zero experience in the auto industry you should probably go work as a mechanic for a year or two so you'll learn many of the ins and outs before investing in building and tools.
Hey Jeremy, I have been in the auto repair field for over 30 years, My specialty is in BMW, I like trouble shooting electrical and drivability problems. I am paid well, but have no benefits. I have been thinking about flipping cars. I could do the repairs myself. What is your background? There was a guy on here I was following but he seems to have disappeared. What is you feeling on flipping european cars?
My stepfather taught me how to flip cars before I even had a driver's license, so as soon as I as old enough to buy my own I started flipping them.

It sounds like you are in a great position to flip cars and start your own auto repair service. If you specialize in European cars you can do very well. Higher end European cars can be much more profitable than the lower priced common cars I've flipped, though you'll hold on to them longer before finding a buyer. If that's the route you go you can expect to make several thousand dollars per car or more and you won't have to turn your inventory as quickly to make a really good living. Boot strap everything with cash to limit your risk if you can.
Thanks for replying! I have been thinking about flipping cars for some time now. I feel like now is the time to start. Looking foward to getting your info at 3 hour car flip.
Thanks Richard;

There seem to be tiers of service centers. At the bottom are the quick lube service centers at big box stores, then the chain service centers, auto parts store service bays, mom-and-pops, non-branded service providers, specialty stores (like brake or tire shops), and then dealer service. The disrupters seem to be the mobile service providers, but I'm a little uncomfortable having a mechanic under my car in my driveway (and the HOA doesn't like it either!) At the end of the day I just want my car fixed properly. I don't mind paying a few dollars extra for premium service--particularly if it comes with ANY warranty.

I really like it when I find a mom-and-pop shop that understands my car and that consistently fixes the car correctly the first time. I'll go back to them anytime I have to pay out of pocket for service, returning to the dealer only for recall or warranty-covered service.

Good luck!



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