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If anyone here is versed in insurance matters I have a question and I'm not sure how to address it. I was stopped several weeks ago at a traffic light and a car rear-ended me. We got the accident information exchange form from the officer. It did not list an insurance company for the car that rear-ended me - he was out of state. I live in NY and he had NJ plates.

My insurance company called the police dept. to try and get the name of his insurance company and they only put a code on the paperwork that said "989 - out of state insurance." I called and they offered to give me the actual accident report which I picked up - but it didn't have any other info. It seems the owner of the car is a bank - so it's either financed or more likely a company car. My insurance company called and tried to get someone to speak to and perhaps didn't try very hard but came up empty. They are going to mail a letter to the driver and to the bank. I'm not holding my breath for a response from either.

What I was told was that because it was an older car and we dropped collision, my company (Hanover) has done all they can do. If we had collision they would've come out and looked at the car and decided what if anything to pay us and then they would've pursued the other driver's insurance to be reimbursed. But since we don't have collision on that car they won't go any further!  They could go further if it was money out of their pocket - but not for one of their customers.

But they still want to collect their premiums! This is just unacceptable to me - if anyone has any suggestions for what I might do moving forward I would very much appreciate it. It doesn't seem right that they are just telling me - well we've done all we can - sorry.

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Ann, I'm not 100% on this, but to me collision is always the "accident-no-matter-whose-fault" component of insurance. That you didn't have it means you may have forfeitted the opportunity to get money from an accident, even if another party is at fault. This might not be the case where you are, but here in PA we are "no-fault", which means he whoever has insurance covers himself, no matter who caused the accident.

That being said, you can probably take the other party to court for damages, still.

Thanks Dawn - I am seeing that our insurance company just won't go any further simply because they actually recommended we drop collision because of the age of the car. Oh well, it was worth a try I suppose. I still think it's bad business for them to actually tell me that if we had collision they would use their resources to get the information on the other driver's insurance but since we don't it doesn't matter to them. Nice customer relations.

Indeed. I'm sad they advised you in such a way. To put, "if you had collision" on the end of the conversation sounds to me like a waving finger of caution at best, and an inappropriate sales technique at worst. Rude, either way!

I agree - that was exactly how it hit me!


I know this is frustrating but probably the best thing to do is have an attorney handle it for you.  They can send a letter, do a quick followup, you can get an estimate and the attorney can get a check.  Your time is likely better spent moving forward on the positive things in your life.

Thank you Dan - I'm sure you're right.

Interestingly enough my husband contacted his legal plan at school in response to your suggestion, Dan, and I spoke with them and they were going to send a letter on our behalf to the bank that owned the car. I no sooner got off the phone with them - literally less than 5 minutes later - our insurance agent called saying, I have good news - I called a supervisor at Hanover and she had the name of the other driver's insurance and they will be sending an adjuster. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can turn around. Thank you for your help in this.


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