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I haven't scanned all of the pages of discussions yet but I see alot of people working on non-fiction projects. Just wondered if there were any fiction writers here? My project is a high octane politcal thriller. Whats yours?   :)

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Hey, Ian!  I write both non-fiction and fiction.  I'm currently about 1/4 of the way through a new romance novel.
Hi, Ian.  I write fiction.  How long have you been working on your political thriller?

I've been working on it since April. Its going great so far. I have about 35 chapters done and still doing LOTS od research. The research is the fun part. I love finding useful information that helps connect the dots in a story.



That's awesome.  My current WIP is about 50 chapters long (close to 120k words), but it's a first draft and I know a lot will fall to the cutting floor on the first edit.  And I'm still researching some of the information I need, which may alter the ending, but hopefully not too much. 

When do you project having yours completed? 

I'm looking to have it done by April of next year and to attend Thrillerfest in NYC in July with it. My target is 100k - 125k words and probably 75 - 100 Chapters. That is about average for the type of novel it is. I generally write my stories very "thin" to begin with as I find it easier to beef it up then to trim it down.


I have my beginning and my end set...its the middle that messes with me a bit, but I think I am getting a handle on it.

Hi Ian,

I write Biblical fantasy adventure for young adults and tweens; it's called Jak and the Scarlet Thread. Just published it this week through CreateSpace. You can check it out if you like at www.nathanjanderson.net.

You look really young to be writing high octane political thriller. But I guess looks can be deceiving. 


We start young in my family. LOL.

The photo is actually of my baby daughter who is my inspiration for finally turning these ideas into something.

I considered trying to find a biblical angle on my story and making it a Christian Politclal Thriller but the subject matter already deals heavily with religion and politcis and the conflicts that can be created when those intersect so I'm afraid giving my main character too much of a spirtual side would really weight things down.

I have another character who I hope to write a religious thriller around when I'm done with the political thriller. I'm really looking forward to it as I have been fascinated with the subject matter for a long time.

Hi Ian,

Most of my work is non-fiction but I recently started a fiction novel called "A Stepmom Remembers". It should be more interesting to read than straight non-fiction discussion about the challenges of stepmotherhood.

I hope your thriller turns out great! I admire the writers who can tackle genres like that...I'm just not geared that way but I do enjoy watching movies with political themes. Maybe yours will make it to the big screen someday:)

God Bless!


I can only dream about making it that far right now. There are certainly movies being made about other political thriller characters so its possible.

We are all geared differently. My passions are politics, religion and history and I am fascinated by the conflicts created by those three intersecting. I admire anyone who sits down to write any kind of a novel because no matter what the subject matter is it is a massive undertaking! Best of luck on yours...some great movies have been made from those type of novels as well...the recent film "The Help" comes to mind. Did you know the author of that book was rejected 68 times over a five year period before she finally found a publisher?  


I haven't seen "The Help" yet, but I'm hearing good things about it so I'll have to check it out. And it doesn't suprise me about the rejections...I recently read Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul and it is filled with examples of really talented authors with great stories who were rejected a bunch before they finally "made it big".

It's all about process and it seems that we all have to go through our unique process to come to our unique success:)

I know, that's a little deep for 8:30 in the morning, but there it is:)

Have a blessed day!

Hi, Ian.  Love those high-octane thrillers.  I published one entitled "Someone to Kill" in 2002 (hardback) and 2005 (paperback).  My background is in literature, however, and even in that commercial thriller I couldn't help throwing in some more thoughtful elements.  Since then I've written two purely literary novels for which, sadly, today's American publishing world has little interest.  Still working on it though.  Also working on a third literary novel when I can find the time.  Where do things stand with your thriller?

I am really hoping to encorporate some more thoughtful elements in my characters as well. For instance my main character is a happily married man unlike alot of the other swashbuckling superspies in the market today who are alot more James Bond-ish when it comes to relationships.

My character also grew up in a really difficult time religiously and politcally so I really want to explore what kind of person and particularly what kind of "American" that type of background would produce.

I am working feverishly on finishing the novel and then I will begin attending some writing conferences with it in hopes of hooking up with a group interested in publishing it.

Have you self-publisjed your literary works or tried anything like the Authonomy website that Harper Collins runs?


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