Hi again folks,

Here is another question I have and this one is geared towards the people who have done the strategic (aka 'The 48 Days') job search method.  I am currently researching a list of organizations I want to work for and before I go knock their socks off, there is something I would like to know...

...what would be the top two pieces of advice you would give to someone when it comes to zeroing in on the companies?  How did you decide who you wanted to work for?  

I would love to hear about peoples' experiences with this process.

Thanks so much!


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Great question and I wish you the best of luck!!!

For me, I wanted a sales job that offered unlimited pay, flexibility (if I could do my work in 30 hours a week, then no one would care), and had a good reputation. To find out about the companies I utilized sites like www.glassdoor.com that allowed me to see comments from current and past employees. I also did a Linked In search of current employees to see how long they had worked at the company. Lastly, I went with my instincts.

Hope some of this helps.

Thanks Travis I checked out this site it is quite helpful!  Did you manage to find a position that suits you?

Hello Annie,

I must say that you have come a long way since the last time I commented on your thread.  You seem more positive, upbeat, and hopeful about your future.  That's amazing!

The two pieces of advice I would tell you when it comes to zeroing on companies is to -

1. Know the companies mission statement.  If you like what it says and if it agrees with you personal mission statement then I say go for it.  Knowing why a company exist can help you identify whether you are a good fit for the company.  I have worked for a martial arts studio, a police academy, several hospitals, several churches, and served the military.  The mission statement was very much prevalent throughout the work environment.

2.  Interview the company.  When you check out the company, see if you can call and talk to anyone similar to your position and ask them what the job is like.  Befriend a few people who work there.  If they have uniforms and badges that identifies that they work for the company start a conversation about the company they work for and see how they like working there.  Surprisingly, I have refused a few job simply by asking people about their experiences with working for the company.  It's amazing how people are so honest about the company they work for.

Annie, great job!  I'm glad you are going through the 48 Days process and your outlook and life has change.  I wish you the best in your job search.

Thanks for the advice, Elmer, I really appreciate it.  The first piece is especially helpful and while it may seem pretty obvious was not one I'd thought of.  The second one might be a little trickier since I live in the middle of nowhere and am doing all of his long-distance.  But that is what LinkedIn and the like are for.


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