I live in Southern California but have always wanted to live in Northern California.  I have never moved on my own before and would love some advice if anyone has ever moved on their own without a job or contacts to a new place.  I will be done with school in June and would like to move next summer.  I am single, 40 and would be moving by myself.  Has anyone ever done something like this?  If so did you find a job first or just go and then look for work so you could go on interviews.  I would be looking for hourly work so that I could work on my true passion, art, on the side.  Thanks!

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Hi Raven.

I have my own website and I have been a huge success and have helped many. No I have not taken a salary, but I have been on TV once, and was featured in a newspaper once as the main critic of a movement. My degrees are in ministry, however I also have a degree in computers but it was a long time ago. Sadly I have not been blessed with careers that I love, but this goes with the territory of life. Maybe later..

Sometimes its better to have a job and work hard even if its something you do not like. I know people that are unemployed as they are trying to find a job that they love and have not found one. One individual has been so for many months if not years, and another just for a few months. Maybe they will get the job that they love, and maybe they will not. I know that Dave Ramsey has suggested people in that boat to take on any job for the moment, and then to find a career that fits them best.

That's great John!  I am glad you have been able to still do what you love and help people.  It's important to fill your life with fulfilling and meaningful activities.  And, of course, it is good to take a tolerable job while you work towards your dreams.  And for some people, they enjoy their passions more when they are just hobbies. Some people start hating what they formerly loved once they start doing it for money.  In any case, everyone's path is a little different.  It has been nice talking to you.  Take care!  : )

Likewise Raven. I am able to do work that I am best suited for, but sadly not as a vocation. 

I have done this, Raven, when I was single back in June 1997. I moved from West Memphis, AR to Brentwood, TN. I had no family here or other major motives; other than I just wanted a big change. Funny thing is, I did not even have a decent car that would make the trip to go up and scout the area out in advance. So, i jumped on a greyhound bus and came up for five days; secured employment and a townhouse...  Went home for one month, gave notice, packed my few belongings, put my lil junk car on a tow dolly and Tennessee bound I was.. Twas one of the most fun adventures of my life.!! :) Never a regret - I'd do it all again.

If it is what you really want, then go for it.     

Marilyn, that is super cool!  What a great image of just going for it!  Thanks for responding.

Hi Raven,

I've done this several times - twice single with a young child and three or four times married w/ kids. The time that most relates to your situation was when I finished college. I moved back to my hometown for a few months before realizing I needed a big change. I researched some places and made a visit before settling on Pensacola. That trip was important because I actually thought I was going to move to a differnt town several hours south of Pensacola. When I got there, I knew in a few hours that it wasn't the place for me. On my way back home, I discovered Pensacola and fell in love with the downtown area and the beach. After I moved, I did freelance design and writing work with established clients for a few months and picked up a few clients in my new town. Later I found a "regular" job (which, btw, I regret b/c it gets you accustomed to a reglar paycheck). I had a little bit of savings (enough for a couple months rent).

It's eleven hours by car from my hometown to Pensacola, and I knew no one. I did visit once more before moving to find a house and to visit a local church. I loved the town, the atmosphere and the freedom to be exactly who I wanted to be. There, I wasn't someone's daughter, or ex-wife, or sister... I was just me. I loved that. I will say that getting plugged into a church was important because I worked from home and didn't have the community of an office or workplace. Church is where I met my new friends, babysitters, etc.

Live where you want to live, Raven. Do enough planning so that you have the confidence you need, but don't hold yourself back. Opportunities and new friends await you wherever you go. And if you don't like it there... you can always move. :)

Erin, excellent, excellent, excellent!!  Thanks so much for responding!  How did you go about getting your freelance clients?

Some I sought out with cold calls (or visits to businesses) but for the most part it's about networking. Let people know what you do so they can refer you to others. Making your work visible through a website, galleries or otherwise is important. I volunteered with some non-profits initially and that let people (donors with money to spend) know what I did.


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