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A marketing business idea of helping businesses with SEO? Any thoughts?

Hi everyone, I recently committed to this program and am wondering if I paid too much or if it seems viable. The interview can be found here: http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/podcast/glenallsopp2/  This is Glen and he is 26 and has been doing online businesses, affiliate marketing, SEO optimization, and other things for ten years now. After he started making $20,000/month, he was able to go fulltime and travel the world. He claims their new Marketing Inc 2.0 is the simplest way to share with others to go that same route. What do y'all think?


Randy Peterson

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How much was the course? 

Hi Allen! It was a one time fee of $1997, or 4 monthly payments of $547, or 6 payments of $397. The $397 option did not allow for a money-back guarantee.

So Randy, 

the thing that will decide whether it was worth it or not, is what you are going to do with it? What business are you promoting? What have you done thus far? 

Also it will require you to actually implement what you learn. Most marketers fail because they get stuck in forever learning and are too scared to pull the trigger. 

SEO and online marketing are definitely valuable. The landscape is always a bit in flux, so be prepared for lifelong learning.

I am seriously considering launching my own SEO and online marketing service, and here's my plan. It may be useful for you:

  1. Identify clients who want and can benefit from my service.
  2. Pick 5 to help for free and capture the results in case studies
  3. Edit and re-release an ebook I wrote on SEO
  4. Use that as a platform to launch a service

Oh, and here's a great list of free resources for learning: https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/1ojhlj/where_do_i_start_learn...

Helping other businesses with SEO is a great idea.  You have no idea how many businesses out there have ineffective websites that could benefit from an SEO makeover, from hair salons to DUI lawyers. Elkhart, IN is not exactly a bustling metropolis, but I have still managed to have a successful SEO business here.

I've been familiar with Glen for several years and he is the real deal.  That said, he has adapted over time so everything he has done may or may not work the same way now.  My personal opinion is that SEO is probably too narrow because of how the internet works these days (unless you are really good at it).  Having done this in the past you are likely to get a lot of "what happened to my ranking?" and "but I thought I already paid for it".  It's a game of king of the mountain.   Currently the easiest way to beat someone online is to hack their site and fill it with spam.  You get a manual action notification on your website and basically get delisted.  It can take several weeks to get back to where you started.  Explaining (charging) this to client can also be a challenge.  SEO is really just one leg of a larger internet strategy which is ever changing.  Being able to offer services in multiple areas will make your business more responsive and flexible and tied less to factors like SEO that others may be able to impact.  Rob

Robert, you make a good point that the field of SEO and Internet marketing is always evolving.  You also make a good point that you should always follow your rankings instead of just saying, "OK.  I SEO'ed my website, and now I'm done."  You should keep following your site and update it and stay on top of new trends.  Think of it as like ordering an Uber car and then watching on the map as it gets closer, as opposed to calling a taxi from your landline phone and then just sitting and twiddling your thumbs until it shows up.


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