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Hey everybody,

I wanted to share an experience I am living right now. I was hired by a very nice lady with a very big goal. This person (who isn't a 48days member) wants to move from her home country, which is an English speaking country, and find work here in the US.

She reached out to me and asked if I could help. After sending her some of my free information she immediately chose me as her coach.

I thought this was a great thing, until.....

Over the past few days I have noticed that the emails and messages she sends me are almost incoherant. I found out that someone else was helping her with the first few messages she sent, but now that she is doing the writing I can see that she has some very deep struggles with the English language that would keep her out of any position in the US, for which she is qualified in her home country.

I found myself in the awkward position of refunding all of her investment and explaining that I was probably not the right coach for her.

While this was the right thing to do, and I was very kind, it had to be a huge blow to her.

So my mistake was not spending enough time to learn more about her and her situation. The first few emails sounded great, unfortunately they weren't from her.

From now on I will be Skyping, FaceTiming (speaking of poor English) or at least spending much more time with potential clients before agreeing to a coaching package.

I wanted to share this experience because I know so many of you are coaches or hire coaches. It's an easy situation to get caught up in, but its also very easy to avoid if you know how!

Take care,


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That will be a great story forever buddy!! I think you are right on with your idea to skype etc., with people. That also gives you an insight as to how prepared they are, not just language, but rather mentally and emotionally. It will help you see their willingness to find out what their motvies and drives are as well. 

Also congrats on becoming an international coach!!! I remember the first time that happend and how crazy it felt that someone who I would never have made contact with otherwise was able to find me online and we made a connection. 

You Rock dude! 

Thanks amigo! Or should I say "muchas gracias buddy?"

That is good to know John - I've worked with a few clients from other countries but have not run into this - it's definitely good to do our due diligence before committing to coaching - from either end!

I had a similar problem with a VA that I was working with via email.  They started out very responsive and wanted more work.  Then they started needing more money, and having "family problems" and it turned out I wasn't working with who I thought I was working with.  Luckily it didn't cost me that much to find out.

I have found this in the past with real estate sales. Someone wants to buy a big house and you get "commission eyes" so you drop everything and run them around. 6 months and many excuses later, you realize that the many hours you put in can now be chalked up to education.

A lady this year called on a listing and told me that she was about to inherit $50-$100 million. A few months into running her around, she called begging to borrow $5,000. A few months after that, she still did not have the inheritance, just a lot of excuses.

Thanks for sharing. What a blessing it is for all of us to learn from each other.

Thanks for sharing your info, Brian. I had a similar situation happen last Spring. I woman contacted me from out of the country and wanted to start a business in the USA, she had great ideas but kept talking about the partner she was going into business with. Turns out after a conference consult call with both of them, the "partner" was not really interested in starting the business but only in being a financial resource and the woman who wanted to start the business did not even have a legal VISA to be here. ( lessons learned, ALWAYS vet!)


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